• Behind The Butterflies

    whenever i see you
    i cant get over your smile
    the way you walk
    like your floating on a breeze... more »

  • Dreaming Paralells

    The spotlights are on
    Blue, yellow, purple, red
    Every color of the rainbow
    All on me... more »

  • Invisibility Cloak

    I’m going through life like im invisible
    Alone in a big crowd of people
    Walking down the street and nobody looks at me
    They bump into me but just keep walking... more »

  • Love And Death

    For those who die
    And for those who are alive
    There are times
    Where not everything is as it seems... more »

  • Once Upon A Dream

    I see you coming towards me
    With the luminous smile
    Like a thousand stars from the sky
    Its blinding but I can’t look away... more »

  • Pappy (Grandpa)

    This is for you
    I’m here
    Are you?
    I want to see you one last time... more »

  • Sleepy Days

    Today we will be...
    Do you cant remember what we did?
    All I remember is that the teacher said
    We would be doing something today... more »

  • The Curtian Between

    All the visions
    And things I dream of
    I want to see them
    But don’t know... more »