• Inside These Walls

    These are the barriers that hold my heart
    They are always there, holding secrets of my past
    They’ve seen every scar and every tear
    They know every dream and every fear... more »

  • Sarah's Dad (War In Iraq)

    “I stand alone in a sandy place
    There is blood and scars all over his face
    He’s fighting for freedom and he’s fighting for truth
    He’s 17 and it’s the end of his youth”... more »

  • School Days

    My alarm starts ringing
    With my head on the pillow
    My body starts stinging
    Today I don’t think I’m going to make... more »

  • Stop Child Abuse

    She fades into the darkness like an unnoticed soul
    The lights slowly burn out until her face is lit by a single candle
    She stands alone as dusk turns into night fall
    She knows what it's like to live without a life... more »