• A New Day

    Today I start all over,
    today is a new day.
    I forget the past, and all those in it;
    those who looked my way.... more »

  • Am I Good Enough?

    Am I good enough for you,
    so much older; full of knowledge.
    Do you think that I'm smart too,
    even though I despise college?... more »

  • And Still The Water Soaks Through

    Oh how it pours when it rains,
    sending down razor sharp bolts of lightening.
    Thunder that deafens my ears,
    muffles the screams of my pain.... more »

  • Black Water

    I open my eyes,
    all I see is darkness;
    a black abyss that
    swallows me whole.... more »

  • Blind

    Restless, jumpy,
    I walk; alone because
    I am always thus so.... more »

  • Breathe In This Heavy Air

    I lay in the darkness of my room,
    and still I cannot sleep,
    for something heavy clings to the air,
    even the birds do not sing tonight.... more »

  • Broken

    I was broken at birth, something unforseen.
    Now I lay here damaged, ripped at the seams.
    There's a monster that lives in the depths of my soul,
    it feeds on my anger and sadness,... more »

  • But Still.....

    My brain pounds with agony,
    is it because you're not here?
    To hold me close, make me smile,
    chase away my fears.... more »

  • But What Is Love?

    Again I am enveloped in some kind of love,
    at the same time I know I don't want it.
    Again I keep falling for your lines,
    at the same time I know I want some kind of love.... more »

  • Cleansing

    As the sky grows dark,
    and the wind picks up its speed,
    I walk outside to smell the air
    never taking heed;... more »

  • Closing The Doors

    The other day you hesitated,
    as did I;
    and so was that a mistake?... more »

  • Empty Eyes

    You held my hand, kept me close
    but I daren't close my eyes.
    Something about me makes you unhappy;
    now you don't call or come around, and... more »

  • Glass Cabinet

    My mind so full of thoughts, that I wish it could be dead, my heart completely happy, yet so full of dread.
    Tired and wide awake, though it may seem crazy, when I can't talk right or even think straight, a world so dark and hazy.
    Every day goes by so fast, each one shorter than the next, its a wonder that these words can even be put into text.... more »

  • Great Escape

    I have become an empty shell
    because my shell is gone-
    in more words than I can tell.... more »

  • Happiness

    Happiness, oh happiness,
    waiting to burst forth from me,
    happiness.... more »

  • I Am Ready To Jump

    My body trembles;
    I am ready to jump,
    my entire body moves slowly as I take a few steps back,
    I run- my arms feel like lead.... more »

  • I Fell

    I thought I knew you so well,
    your eye caught mine,
    something sparked; caught fire,
    of course you were my one desire.... more »

  • Losing

    As I sit and wait here patiently, wails of sirens scream in my ears.
    Reminding me of the death, that in the news will soon appear.... more »

  • Losing-Continued

    Today I've won the battle,
    because I'm still alive.
    And when tomorrow comes,
    I hope not to see you cry,... more »

  • New Doors

    He stares,
    those intense eyes;
    such blue eyes.
    In return, I stare.... more »

  • Oh My Love

    Oh my love, oh my love,
    the things I would go through for you.

    For you I would turn back the hands of time,... more »

  • On The Run

    Tired and groggy,
    i awaken to the suns first light.
    I move swiftly, cautiously,
    for my fears hold me tight.... more »

  • Pain

    I can drown my pain in liquor, I can drown my pain in wine.
    Neither of those things will make me feel divine.
    A growing sadness darkens over my already tainted heart,
    to whom do I owe the pleasure?... more »

  • People Think

    You are all a lone, and no one knows who you really are,
    not a single soul to talk to, cast a glance, or share a wink.
    And as you put up your brick wall, you wonder,
    what do these people think?... more »

  • Sad Song

    When I saw the look in your eyes,
    I knew I had done wrong.
    Sadness overwhelmed my soul
    as you sang that sad song.... more »