• Awaiting The Wanted

    She rolled over and tears slowly streaked her face.
    Her arms ached to hold him, and her body ached to feel him hold her.
    But she knew she couldn't. Not yet.
    There was several months of hard work and dedication to earn the glorified moment when she finally could experience him in all his presence before her.... more »

  • Loving You From Where I Am

    I think of you each day and night
    I think of how you'd hold me tight
    I see your face and hear your laugh
    But baby we need more than that... more »

  • When I Fell In Love With You

    When I fell in love with you, I wasn't expecting it.
    I wasn't planning to feel my stomach drop.
    I wasn't planning to cry to feel you.
    I wasn't planning for my heart to leap from my chest.... more »