• Graduation

    The more I look back on all the happy times
    The easier it is for me to realize
    That friends are much more then hellos and goodbyes
    It all comes down to what you have inside.... more »

  • He & Me

    He never cared for me,
    And I thought we were meant to be.
    How could I be so stupid,
    As to believe there really was a cupid.... more »

  • Just A Dream

    He's all I've been waiting for,
    All I've wanted to adore.
    It's those blue eyes so deep,
    That keep me entranced as I sleep.... more »

  • Leaving You

    Leaving you will be so hard
    I know that we will be scarred.... more »

  • Mr. Right

    Mr. Right - Is he even real?
    If there was, he'd be able to heal,
    All the small broken pieces of my heart,
    That all those fools broke and then pulled apart.... more »

  • My Point Of View

    That one night, not too long ago,
    You yelled at me like you'd never let it go.
    I don't know what you're looking for.
    Don't touch that bruise, it's ever so sore.... more »

  • No One Notices

    School was almost finished.
    Our last year all together.
    No one wanted grad to come,
    As it would be heartbreaking and difficult.... more »

  • Promise

    As you sit in silence,
    Wondering why
    I'll be your shoulder to cry on
    Until your tears run dry.... more »

  • The Feeling You Give Me

    My heart skips a beat every time I hear your name.
    Or if you walk by and brush my shoulder.
    I get a tingle in my spine every time you call my name,
    And my heart pounds my chest when I talk to you.... more »

  • The People

    My life isn't what it may appear to be.
    My parents are horrible to me.
    They yell and set early curfews.
    That bruise on my arm is brand new.... more »

  • These Scars You'Ve Caused Me

    What is so wrong with you?
    You make me feel depressed and blue.
    A week went by.
    You made me want to cry.... more »

  • You Were Always There

    Whenever I needed someone to talk to
    You were always there.... more »