• A Manuscript

    The hand of God is a manuscript,
    Each finger a chapter labeled.

    The smallest finger... more »

  • A Vision

    beauty in
    panther eyes
    eat me alive
    and displace me... more »

  • An Anger

    I am mauled by the seatbelt, seething rug burns,
    Flesh rubbed raw against a grate.
    The shock snaps the nylon restraint
    And I am momentary cocoon, changing soon.... more »

  • Chosen

    I am a child
    chosen and swaddled
    coddled on the knee
    of things not... more »

  • Daily Necessities Of The Future

    it crept up as wolves do: silent, slathering spittle
    with blood a necessity to continued existence
    an upside-down pack mentality gone awry after too much time
    with the aching knowledge that this is finite and endless... more »

  • Is It Worth Words?

    Mary say apology is kindness.

    When I was younger, mirrors stared back
    They said, “sorry, ruler of the... more »

  • It's Poetry

    Desire is
    Sadness in giving
    Your control
    To the outside... more »

  • Judging By A Short Memory

    at 530 this morning, something struggled.
    we moved our legs, and further hobbled a dream.
    around 630 she stretched against image strains,
    pushing knees akimbo, wide... more »

  • Let's Empathize, Hank

    I’ll drink tonight
    Like it’s a contest
    On the sixth of June.
    Inside, I revolt.... more »

  • Letting The Days Go By

    Listen to the sound of breathing
    Listen to it exhale echo
    And return to what you learned
    Folded in the womb... more »

  • Lost And Forgotten Things

    The sun exhales, coughing
    On the cusp of a breached sky above,
    And leftover refuse below.
    Chimney stumps and diving suicides... more »

  • Ode To The Tv

    You plaintive arbiter, you broker of
    self-doubt. You are a tenuous link between the outside
    world and a billion minds per second.
    On a pedastel in every family room,... more »

  • Prayer At Dinner

    dinner was an examination
    with little talk. each dish
    a memory, forced together,
    holding on to the plate... more »

  • Selfish/Humble

    it all bled out onto the floor
    in a slow succession of pumps and moans
    melted wax, on a bottle of whiskey
    when the letting go finally began... more »

  • Shell Game

    when the crow flanked
    the blackbird it began

    tesselations of flame and... more »

  • Stare

    Above the deep
    Vastness of this
    Badly lit basement
    The line grows taut.... more »

  • Tasting Deep Woods

    Sitting satisfied, I feel my arms wrapped around my knees
    In the endless cul-de-sac's dusty gravel,
    Quartz and oyster shells left here many years back.
    The trees are emblazoned with paper honeysuckle,... more »

  • The Center Of It All

    We'll break into the center
    sealed in cavernous depths
    under miles of silty clay and ancient bones
    salt domes and oil slicks... more »

  • To The Ruin

    I saw a message
    In broken twigs
    And erased by winds
    “Read the Sunday funnies,... more »

  • What Was Discarded

    We no longer sleep together
    it wouldn't be wise
    to disturb the rhythm of things.
    this is the lifespan of waves... more »