Samantha Ashley Biography

No David Copperfield crap here i.e. 'I was born in blah blah ect.'(Oh wow, that was very Holden Caufield-esq wasn't it?) I don't tell of my past, a little mystery is nice :) Well, let's see... oh yes, about me! I love writing, I always have and I've always been exceptionally good at it. I must admit though, I am a much better story writer then a poet. Poetry is difficult for me sometimes. I get writer's block way more often with poetry then with writing a story. I usually crank out a few good poems only every once in a while. It can take weeks or even months for me to finish just one.
My poetry tends to be dark sometimes but that's not all i write about. I write about whatever inspires me. I find life interesting and want to capture both it's good and bad side through my writing. I don't have a specific writing style either, i'm all over the place. Sometimes I write classical like E.A. Poe, Sarah Teasdale, W.B Yeats ect. Other times i go for a more modern approach. I really wanna try to bring back the old romantic style of poetry that i feel has been lacking. Anyway, if you have any questions about my poems or myself personally, don't hesitate to send a message. O.K. then, have fun and enjoy!