• A Daughter's Wish

    Not knowing what else I can do because I will never be able to please you,
    You took away my hopes and dreams,... more »

  • Blame

    All the fingers pointing the blame,
    Its all in this neverending name game.

    Wanting something more,... more »

  • Declined

    Kicked & beaten around,
    Heartbroken & bruised to the ground.

    Hopes so high then shot down,... more »

  • Fight

    Wanting you to believe, to believe in me,
    Slamming the door and not saying goodbye,

    Seeing the tears falling from my eyes,... more »

  • Frozen

    Tears frozen like ice to my face,
    And you still look at me with so much disgrace.
    With ice blocking this lost soul,
    No longer losing all control.... more »

  • The Long Blink

    Red brake lights glare,
    Thinking of no ones cares.

    The mind starts to sleep,... more »