• A Break Up

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  • A Lifetime Of Love

    Our love will always seek happiness and joy
    The one thing we cherish that can't be destroyed

    Life is so short let's hold it forever... more »

  • Greatest Beauty

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  • My Heart

    I think that I should have done so much more. Did I do something wrong. Was it all ma doin'. I didn't even put up a fight...But you know what, after a while you get tired of fighting for people that don't want you.. I have been put down a lot in ma life but I think that I am really goin' to give up the fight. I am happy that they is still love in the world even if Ican't have it. It is time for people to just be do me. I have givin' up a lot, so let me fall..

    I feel chained, chained down
    You shoved me to the ground... more »

  • Tears

    Tears on my pillow
    And love in my heart,
    But will it be enough,
    Or will it tear us apart?... more »

  • True Love

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