• Here But Never There

    I'm here and you my friend are never there
    Like the wind on a hot day you would cool me
    But now you are never there
    You have taken steps to there... more »

  • I Am Yours

    Your skin silky smooth
    As you lay on mines
    Slowly you slip into my thoughts
    Soul, body and mind... more »

  • I'M Confused

    I'm Confused
    You see I thought our love
    My love was diffrent... more »

  • Make A Choice

    Torn between Rigth and Wrong
    Right for ME
    Wrong for it
    My Body Yells for my attention... more »

  • Nite

    At nite I lay down
    Shearching the heavens for your face
    Wishing no Praying for your imbrace
    Holding my hands out to the stars... more »