• Bad Relationship

    How many times you made me cry
    I sit all alone, and you don't
    care the hell if I die.... more »

  • I Like You A Lot

    I like you a lot, but I cannot tell,
    if I tell you, maybe my soul goes to hell.
    Wake up every morning to see your face
    but all I could see is the cup of milk that... more »

  • Lonely Nights

    lonely night I cry myself
    to sleep at night and your far
    away your not the same you never
    feel the pain I feel before... more »

  • Mean Boy

    Mean boy jungle in a space with no sock on him foot, pass with a riddle an drop on a hook.

    A laugh him laugh after him walk in the class with out him school book.... more »

  • Regret Being Young

    Everyday I wake up.
    I feel so down
    my mother is crying
    an I did not here no sound.... more »

  • Shy Girl

    There are times in our lives that
    we are going to be shy to share
    our feelings
    shy girl how you feel,... more »

  • Special Christmas Day

    Christmas Day I cant wait for it to
    Food, drink and treats I want to eat.
    Christmas cannot miss me.not even if I die.... more »