Friendly, fun person, athletic, short

Mother and Brothers

Who loves chocolate chip ice cream, the Grizzlies, and Fridays

Who feels happy, tired, and lucky

And who is scared of tests, dogs, and failure

Who learned how to do modeling.

Who knows how to take pride in herself an is greatful for life
Lives in Kingston, Jamaica


Samantha Murray Poems

I Like You A Lot

I like you a lot, but I cannot tell,
if I tell you, maybe my soul goes to hell.
Wake up every morning to see your face
but all I could see is the cup of milk that... more »

Shy Girl

There are times in our lives that
we are going to be shy to share
our feelings
shy girl how you feel,... more »

Regret Being Young

Everyday I wake up.
I feel so down
my mother is crying
an I did not here no sound.... more »

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