• Cry

    when every one is asleep

    Im the only one awake... more »

  • Have You Ever Wonderd...

    Have you ever wondered why movies always end with a kiss?

    or if you will find your one true love?... more »

  • I Feel.....

    I feel like crying but i dont know why.

    I feel like im diying but nothings happining... more »

  • I Give Up

    I give up
    im tired of fighting back.
    I give up on trying anymore.
    Nothing pleases you.... more »

  • I Wonder

    I wonder why you care

    I wonder why you want to figure me out... more »

  • If Only...

    If only he knew how much i cared

    If only he knew how much i loved him... more »

  • Im Done Pretending

    days and days go by

    and still I dont feel loved... more »

  • Is It True

    Is it true what they say.
    I want to know the truth
    ive been lied to way to much
    to hear it from u... more »

  • My Dark World

    In my world I see it different then the rest of you.
    I see evil withches casting an evil spell making us work or we will be there for the rest of your lives.
    Evil warlocks messing with young maidens hearts so they can have there plesure of seeing us cry our hearts out so they can have their laughs.
    Monsters crawling around to tear you down from a good life to make it a horrible day for you and me. Making sure your never happy in life there always under your feet to watch your every second so when you get at least one bit of happiness they can come out of hiding and make it a horrible situation.... more »

  • My Nights

    every night

    another fight... more »

  • Now Begins...

    Now begins the pain.
    The feeling of being stabbed in the neck over and over.
    I cant breath,
    I reach for help but no ones there.... more »

  • Shut Up And Leave Me Alone

    who gives a shit about age not me

    is he your dang brother or an old friend........no... more »

  • So What

    So what if im hurt so what
    So what if i am crying
    So what about me
    But with Her its all about her... more »

  • The Group


  • What Is Love

    ... more »

  • What Is That

    what is that light
    blinking golden yellow
    blink blink blink
    it just keeps going every night it blinks... more »

  • Whats Going On

    why is no one here when i need them the most.
    why cant i hear anymore.
    Im starting to loose my sight.
    I begin falling down down down into a black tunnel.... more »

  • Why Are You Here

    Why are you here?
    Tearing me down everytime
    I get one bit of happiness
    there you are... more »

  • Why Cry

    Why cry no cares.
    Its freedom you want,
    but you cant get it no mater what.
    so all you do is cry.... more »