• Actions

    Ashes or butterflies?
    Who knows? I’m not sure.
    I cant tell the difference anymore.... more »

  • And So The Robin Keeps Its Distance

    Gossamer threads may break to the touch,
    But they seem to linger on your skin
    Somehow the blood of the past winter
    Seeps through the walls as they cave in... more »

  • Another Year

    After a long struggle to break past
    A mirror of uncertainty
    I kneel by that old fire place... more »

  • As Real As It Will Get

    Fate swings like a pendulum,
    Hanging by a vine
    But we chose to play with daggers,
    And cut the ties that bind... more »

  • Away

    How could you have forgotten me again so quickly?
    You could have said goodbye.
    I knew you had not the patience,
    But, for me, I was hoping you would try.... more »

  • Cage Me

    His stare hurts me,
    It owns me

    His voice surrounds me,... more »

  • Change

    I could spend forever here
    If only here would stay
    But like a candle,
    The more it burns,... more »

  • Decay

    I can still hear your last breath...it will never leave me
    Perhaps I could heal your broken bones with the fruits of my eyelashes

    No, unfortunately time beat me to you,... more »

  • Delicate Boy

    Delicate boy,
    By now you should be a man
    But you don’t walk,
    You crawl... more »

  • Demons

    Demons of another kind,
    Gentle touch that could blind
    Cold shoulder or spitting fire,
    Neither a crisis nor desire... more »

  • Effect And Cause

    Is it just me?
    Or have we ran out things to talk about?
    I'd rather die a thousand times
    Than rip your heart out... more »

  • Elevator Man

    Trapped in a box all day
    In a crappy hotel
    Feet glued to the floor
    They feel like blocks of lead to him now, I bet... more »

  • Evolution At A Glance

    Well, from the time i was born,
    Nothing about me was quite the norm
    I was a strange character and I always will be
    I can't belong and it's plain to see... more »

  • Fear

    Abyss of fickle fear
    Whisper what I want to hear
    Wearing such a clever disguise
    Delicate disaster behind my eyes... more »

  • Finding My Spine

    Just wait and see,
    I’ll find my spine eventually
    Even though you threw it down submission’s bottomless well
    It’ll be one hell of a plunge, but then I’ll have a pretty little story to tell... more »

  • Folding.

    Fortune comes to call
    Insect perched on my thumb
    Hope dies along with summer
    I fold like a lawn chair... more »

  • Forever In Summer

    Something tells me
    The summer has just begun
    So why is it that I feel
    Like it has already gone?... more »

  • Forget Love

    I was abandoned by my world,
    So I abandoned it
    I thought I should have been happy,
    But I don’t fit the prerequisite... more »

  • Freedom Isn'T Free

    I found my mind pondering away in strange lands
    Tree branches were twisting like the veins in my hands
    Twenty one reasons to never, ever leave
    Infinite innocent hearts, lost in time, will never be retrieved... more »

  • Friction

    Its funny how fickle a person can be
    And they think the hypocrite is me
    The feeling company brings is so good at first
    And then it declines to short bursts... more »

  • Grin And Bare It

    Word by word,
    The future just rolls off my tongue
    Faithless hymns
    That I wish I had never sung... more »

  • Home

    Is it just a house, a place where you live?
    Or perhaps something more?... more »

  • I Am Air

    Lay in the plains of reverie
    Dream like it was meant to be
    Grasp the grass with a calloused fist
    If only we simultaneously thought about this... more »

  • I Don'T Know Why...

    I don’t know why
    But I’m feeling hypnotized
    And a bit psychotic
    Static yet chaotic... more »

  • I Wrote This Before Everything Was Apparantly Ruined For Good

    Peel the layers off,
    One by one,
    Of the scab protruding from my chest
    It’s but the remnants of an endless onion... more »