• A Night Of Mistakes (A Tragic Love)

    An innocent girl with a tragic past,
    And a heart that’s been broken many times.
    As she stands there, remembering her past,
    She is thankful to finally be with the man of her dreams.... more »

  • A Tragic Love: Part 1

    From the very moment that they met,
    She had thought they would be forever.
    That is when she got caught up in the net,
    of secrets and lies that would destroy her life.... more »

  • Always Here

    Friendship is a very valuable thing;... more »

  • Ana (Anorexia)

    I hate you because you're taking over me,
    but I love you 'cause you're making me the girl I want to be.
    Why do I love you when all you do is put me down?
    Making me starve 'till I fit into the smallest gown.... more »

  • Ana Angel

    O Ana, my angel,
    lead me to perfection.
    Please help me to no longer,
    Fear my reflection.... more »

  • Anorexia

    Before now I had never really thought about my weight,
    but now the scale is my worst enemy.
    Food is a thing I have begun to hate;
    I can't ever be thin enough.... more »

  • Beautiful Angel

    A beautiful angel smiling and glowing,
    No sign of hurt or pain she is showing.
    Sparkling blue eyes shine like stars,
    On her arms there’s no sign of scars.... more »

  • Beautiful Perfection

    No one understands the perfection I seek,
    the reflection I see everyday.
    No one hears the words I speak,
    my fear of how much I weigh.... more »

  • Black Angel

    All these voices in my head,
    Please make them stop I wish I was dead.
    The beat of my black heart is slowly ceasing;
    my will to live is slowly decreasing.... more »

  • Cuts

    Hiding all my pain and confusion,
    behind laughs and smiles.
    But really I am searching for a solution,
    to get me through this darkness.... more »

  • Darkness

    As I look at this world,
    all I see is darkness.
    My world has turned completely black
    now all I know is depression.... more »

  • Death's Arms

    My soul has been torn violently apart,
    my heart ripped out and shattered.
    I impatiently wait till from life I depart,
    the pieces of my heart are forever scattered.... more »

  • Desired Perfection

    O beautiful perfection for which I seek,
    you leave me so light and feeling so weak.
    In my stomach it seems there's a constant ache,
    but this path to perfection I will not break.... more »

  • Despair

    You made me want to live but now I want to die,
    you made me laugh and smile but now I cry.
    You began putting me together but then tore me apart;
    I still love you with the broken pieces of my stolen heart.... more »

  • Die From Love

    Why can't you understand?
    Why can't you see?
    I need you forever,
    here with me.... more »

  • Dream World

    At night I go to a whole new world,
    My thoughts and the darkness together are swirled.
    In this world of dreams my hopes are revealed,
    Hopes that my heart will soon be healed.... more »

  • Emotions

    Random thoughts and emotions running through my head,
    I'm not really sure what I'm feeling.
    Is it pain; is it love, or a feeling of dread?
    Dread that someone will discover what I'm concealing.... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    Fragile and broken like a piece of glass,
    Haunted by the darkness of a tragic past.
    This fallen angel is no longer free,
    Her heart is captured by love you see.... more »

  • First Love

    Though I have just met you,
    I feel I have known you longer.
    I have never felt like this so fast before,
    and it kind of scares me.... more »

  • Haunted

    A broken girl not knowing what to do,
    That was that I was before I met you.
    But you made me whole, set me free,
    Free from the pain taking over me.... more »

  • I Am...

    Crying, screaming,
    Bleeding, Dreaming.
    Inside dying,
    to the world, lying.... more »

  • I'D Take You Back

    I remember when you used to say,

    you loved me too much to ever hurt me.... more »

  • I'M So Sorry

    Before I left I made a promise to you,

    I told you I would never go with anyone else.... more »

  • Is This Really Love

    Every time I hear your voice,
    my heart beats just a little faster.
    Whenever I am sad or lonely,
    I know you’ll always be there.... more »

  • Just A Moment (In Love)

    Sitting here with your arms around me,
    holding me tight as if you'll never let go.
    As I gaze into your eyes, it's there I see,
    The deepest love I have ever known.... more »