• A Journey For Love

    Inferno's flame envelopes whole, the sky.
    Its endless movement sears her soul.
    Her air is thin, compressed, withheld.
    Hand to chest, no beat is felt.... more »

  • Daisy

    Seemingly flawless, and seemingly true.
    Hiding her feelings of love and betrayal.... more »

  • Death And Love

    Death is many things to many people,
    But with death, comes sadness and... more »

  • Deaths

    A is for Allie who died in an alley.
    B is for Billy who died in Balini.
    C is for Callie who got hit by a caddy.
    D is for Dylan, dropped dead by his daddy.... more »

  • Earthly Teens Abound

    Teenage life is not secure,
    There's always something there.
    There's love, there's hate, there's even more
    For teens to show you here.... more »

  • Enslaved In Darkest Hours

    Love so divine entwined within her heart.
    It tortures her so much there's no control.... more »

  • Eternal Friendship (Dedicated To Shanny Mcvey)

    You're always there no matter what.
    You never lie or sleep about.
    You say, 'I love you.', and you do.
    I say, 'I love you.', and I do.... more »

  • Fighting For Life

    I want to scream, but know I can't
    For fear of being heard.
    I hear him step into the hall,
    And know he'll find me here.... more »

  • Fire From Above

    The fire was everywhere.
    Its heat so extreme, its
    colours so bright, and so
    Beautiful.... more »

  • Give Up Or Hold On?

    Life can be so complicated,
    With its expectations and multiple moods.
    There's so much to do, and there's so much to doubt.
    It's hard to keep up with the people about.... more »

  • Graceful And True

    With yellow ember color
    And rounded eyes you see.
    You sit there perched and
    See what flutters to and fro... more »

  • Her Half

    So much to say,
    She can't begin.
    Where it went wrong,
    She will never be told.... more »

  • Honor The Dead

    Death, is the sum of all fears.
    It's the way of all flesh, and the
    Eternal rest of all mankind and
    Earth. The dead shall be placed... more »

  • I Dream A Dream Of Sorrow

    I sit in my mind and there I wait,
    For the dreams that come and go I hate.
    All they bring me is sorrow that fills up my soul,
    And I lose all the hope that was left in my mold.... more »

  • I Will Escape

    I cannot breathe, I cannot speak,
    I cannot weep, I cannot sleep.
    This world is my pit and
    I will never escape.... more »

  • I'Ll Die

    Her life exists within my cells.
    I laugh her laugh and cry her cry.
    If I let go, my soul will die,
    And the dirt, the dirt will be my sky.... more »

  • In A Shell Together

    Never give up,
    Never let go,
    Don't shed a tear,
    Don't scream or yell.... more »

  • Me And Thee (I Was Young)

    Where ever you go,
    There you shall see,
    Me and thee,
    Among the leaves.... more »

  • Mother Nature Is A Gift

    Mother nature is a gift.
    She sings with all her beauty.
    Birds aloft with wings of green
    And ponds with red n' yellow.... more »

  • Mothers

    (Dedicated to my beautiful Mother on her Mother's Day)

    Mothers love you, hold you,
    Hug you, protect you.... more »

  • My Life With You

    At first I thought the apin was over,
    And the sorrows gone for good.
    But I was wrong.
    You always leave and say goodbye,... more »

  • My Love

    Unknown paths before me now.
    Pounding heart with Love inside.
    He sees me for who I am.... more »

  • Not Every Death Was Meant To Be

    She whispers softly to him now,
    To say she's sorry and goodbye.
    He will not let her take the blame,
    For he's the one who caused the thing.... more »

  • Our Present World In A Whim

    Lost moments from our world's past,
    Come back to show us all that was.
    Come back to show us all that is,
    Come back to show us what we'll have.... more »

  • Pain

    It comes without warning.
    It comes without fear.
    Lives ruined by its secrets,
    Still hiding the tears.... more »