• People

    They still don't understand me well,
    And I doubt they ever will.
    Is it hard to talk to me right now,
    Or am I just that hard to get?... more »

  • Sorrows Of Ceaseless Lives

    The extremities of joy cannot compare,
    To the dreadful sorrows of ceaseless lives.
    Their senseless pain, while unexpressable
    Is always there, at a whim of a flame.... more »

  • Suicide Is Not The Answer

    At times you wish your life away,
    And all your troubles gone for good.
    They only Hurt you more and more.
    They never stop and leave you alone.... more »

  • The Ghost In My Attic (Written About 8 Years Ago)

    I saw a man inside my attic,
    Walking round and round and round.
    He's never ran or sat about, just walked
    Around and round and round.... more »

  • The Limits Of Space

    Every story I've ever heard
    Is nothing much compared
    To yours. You speak of space-
    And the wonders of it all-... more »

  • The Offer

    The world's your abyss of sorrows.
    Sorrows never lost in space.
    The world's my abyss of joy.
    Joy that spreads through eternity.... more »

  • The World's Walls

    Let nothing be, and nothing stand,
    Let none be well, and none be glad.
    Upon this day all shouts, will rise,
    And every man will scream, 'Uprise! '... more »

  • Three Words

    So many times you've tried to speak,
    And so many times I couldn't hear.
    You've gone from me for good though now,
    And now's the time my hearing's clear.... more »

  • Town Hillard (Wrote When I Was 12 Or 13)

    The raging wind rolled down my back.
    It felt so cold, and yet so warm.
    It blew and whistled all night long,
    And then the rain began to fall.... more »

  • Unfettered Love

    Unknown land.
    Love unfelt til now.
    Wrapped with arms.
    Safe inside.... more »

  • Why?

    Challenges all the time.
    Temptation by your side.
    You follow what you know,
    Through endless sands and times.... more »

  • Would It Mean A Thing?

    Would a death uproot sorrow if it were a friend?
    Or would it under-root the sorrow found within?
    Would a death light your life if it were your brother?
    Or would you wallow in a bed of pain and sorrow?... more »