• A Kiss

    A kiss, simple though it seems!
    A kiss, it is the stuff of dreams!
    A kiss, contains the beauty of the world!
    A kiss, can break the heart of this girl!... more »

  • A Love Unknown

    Loving you is so hard to describe,
    But what i feel now is just so great.
    The way you make me smile no matter what
    And how your sweet words mend my broken heart.... more »

  • A Million Tears

    They flow down my cheeks
    As quickly as rain
    So many thoughts in my head
    Shooting as fast as a train... more »

  • A Peaceful World

    Do you ever wonder what life would
    Be like with a peaceful world?
    I do, and I have dreamed of having
    A peaceful place to live without a worry being attacked.... more »

  • A Place To Go

    There is a place to go when im sad
    a place to go when im mad... more »

  • A Poem

    Despite my previous misconnceptions
    and all of my past recollections
    I have fallen in love once more
    and this gentleman I most assuredly adore.... more »

  • A Prayer

    I pray Lord that you'll restrain me
    When someone lashes out to hurt
    Don't allow me to bid revenge
    But teach me to avert... more »

  • A Scared Little Girl

    A little girl
    she lives in fear
    of the return
    of her mothers tears... more »

  • Am I Alone

    Am I alone in this big world
    Am I the only one with thes thoughts and feelings
    If not then where is everyone else
    I need someone to tell me I'm ok... more »

  • At Peace

    I feel so at peace...
    To know that there is
    Something good in my life!
    I feel so sublime...... more »

  • Beautiful

    Sprawling verdant green landscape
    opening like an orchid before me.
    The soft autumn sun tinting the
    moutain sides with palest yellow.... more »

  • Beautiful Things

    Every beautiful thing in my life
    Has always taken flight too soon
    Left me feeling so empty............ more »

  • Crystal Tears

    Meanings have no use,
    Thoughts are just for fun,
    I'm so broken up,
    It doesn't hurt me,... more »

  • Dream? ?

    Broken lady, fallen sky
    Hearing echo's how they sigh

    Sheltered giant within tin shells... more »

  • Dreams

    Dreams are what live within
    Within your heart
    No one can take them away
    No one can tear them apart... more »

  • Emptiness

    Sinking deeper
    Into your emotionless world
    I stumble, falter
    Left behind again........ more »

  • Escaping

    There is no escaping the sounding of the bell
    There is no escaping your own private hell
    There is no escaping those green eyes
    There is no escaping the cold bitter lies... more »

  • First Sight

    When I first saw you
    I knew you were the one
    The one I wanted to be with
    Forever and for always... more »

  • For You Are The One

    For you I would climb
    The highest mountain peak
    Swim the deepest ocean
    Your love I do seek.... more »

  • Forever Fighting

    Will I have you
    Even in my dreams
    It seems i've lost you
    Once again... more »

  • Forever Mine

    His smile shines in my heart
    Upon the morning rise
    Until the day becomes dark
    Where the stars are jealous of his eyes... more »

  • Goodbye To My Love Poems

    No more poems of love for me
    They've dried up, what do I see?
    Words of pain, of a life to be...
    All of it uncertain, causing fear in me.... more »

  • Happiness

    There is only one way to find true happiness
    There is only one way to find true hope
    You must look truly within yourself
    For that is where it will always lie... more »

  • Help Me

    All this hate inside of me makes me want to kill myself
    I have these feelings like no one else does,
    makes me want to end my life
    Would anyone ever notice if I was here or not?... more »

  • Hope

    I close my eyes and release my soul,
    Its wings stretch out in glory and
    With one swift sweep it rises
    Into the velvet azure above.... more »