SL Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

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Mr.Samanyan lakshminarayanan is one of the noblest poets in Your verses are stores of elegance and glorify the opulence in life's moments. Your pen's fluency is most admirable. I am most honored to have met you sir. A few lines to really express my ponder after reading your poems And forever it's etched In the heart of the beholder With wonder it's stitched It hovers to move every shoulder One moves his shoulders in awe at your poetry sir. Really amazing talent sir.
The real poet I admire.. As the mind thinks, the hand writes.. and there comes the Best Poem anybody could think of in that topic.. Beautiful themes.. wonderful verses.. The Best Poems..
Dear Mr Samanyan Lakshminarayan, You are a poet with right mettle.. keep your pen wet and subjects vibrant... All the best friend.
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