Samar Sudha Quotes

'When a heart gets hurt, its pain comes over the words.' ― Samar Sudha
Heart, Hurt, Pain, Words
'Excuses are actually made for lazy People' ― Samar Sudha
Excuses, Lazy
'Everyone wants sunshine but sometimes Moon's light even help us while on the path of Life' ― Samar Sudha
Sunshine, Moon, Life
"Somethings are seen by heart.'' -Samar Sudha
Vision of Heart
'There is very hard bonding between Tears and Rain, often both fall together in Happiness and in Pain'' ― Samar Sudha
Rain has relation with Pain
"Everyday Sun shines for new Experiences" ― Samar Sudha
'In life, you would regret definitely, either you become good person or the bad one, but being good is better to regret for' ― Samar Sudha
Regrets in Life
'LIFE is like to Dance, and which can be enjoyed by the Rhythm of the TIME' ― Samar Sudha
Life, Dance, Rhythm, Time
'Anxious fills the Enthusiasm that lifts you up from your Tiredness' ― Samar Sudha
Anxious, Enthusiasm, Tiredness
"Clean your Tongue with your Words, not with tongue cleaner" ― Samar Sudha
Tongue, Words