Samar Sudha Quotes

'Wrinkles on an image can be cleaned by good Deeds' ― Samar Sudha
Wrinkles, Image, Deeds
"TRUST' 'A soft thread, that could broken while checking it" ― Samar Sudha
Trust, Thread
'Mistakes could be improved if, It hits on Heart' ― Samar Sudha
'There should have some gap between Relations, to understand its value. Because you can't read anything which is too closed to your eyes' ― Samar Sudha
Relations, Gap, Understanding
'Carrying an aggressive attitude is to expect cool shadow under a naked Tree' ― Samar Sudha
Aggressive, Attitude
'CRITICISM'' is a first step of Success' ― Samar Sudha
Criticism, Success
'In Relationships, there shouldn't have space for Egoism' ― Samar Sudha
Egoism, Relations
'Love is not a thing to take or keep, Its a something special to Feel' ― Samar Sudha
Love, Feeling
'Succeed people are loved by all'' ― Samar Sudha
'Relations are actually tied by heart not by Customs, because Friendship never required any of It.' ― Samar Sudha
Relations, Heart, Customs, Friendship