• A Thousand Miles Apart

    A thousand miles apart,
    have we changed how we love? ,
    I still want to be together,
    I still long to feel your touch,... more »

  • Be Strong (Ever Though Theirs Confusion)

    It all falls apart,
    it all comes together,
    in this world of mine,
    who can know it better? ,... more »

  • Confused

    I am so confused,
    when you read this you will be amused,
    I don't know what I'm doing,
    all I keep hearing is people booing,... more »

  • Confused And Broken

    Confused and broken,
    these words I've spoken,
    I love you,
    do you love me too? ,... more »

  • Everything The Same Way

    I do everything the same way,
    each and every single day,
    I sit around,
    always feeling down,... more »

  • Everytime

    Everytime I lay in bed,
    I always think what I've said,
    then I think this is all real instead,
    sometimes it feels like my heart stops,... more »

  • Have I?

    Have I matured? ,
    have I been cured? ,
    have I been gone? ,
    have I been strong? ,... more »

  • He

    He touches me so soft and sweet,
    he's the one I'm going to keep,
    he kisses my lips so sweet and nice,
    he always gives me good advice,... more »

  • Hes The One

    Hes the one that makes my life worth living,
    hes the one that makes me feel great,
    hes the one that makes me feel special,
    hes the one thats my soulmate,... more »

  • I Don'T Know

    Im so alone,
    so sad at home,
    so emety inside,
    with nowhere to hide,... more »

  • I Guess I Will Make It Through

    I've falling apart,
    when did this start? ,
    how can I get myself back together? ,
    how can I make myself feel better? ,... more »

  • I Hate

    I hate waking up without you,
    I hate not being with you,
    I hate thinking sometimes I won't make it through,
    I hate being alone,... more »

  • I Have Been Thinking

    As I sit here on my bed,
    I have been thinking about what I said,
    about that I wanted to be dead,
    but now things changed,... more »

  • I Hope You Want Me Back Too

    I'm trying so hard to be strong,
    but my tears are showing that I'm doing wrong,
    I can't help but cry,
    I keep asking myself why,... more »

  • I Left You

    I love you,
    but i dont know what to do,
    I left you,
    will I be able to make it through? ,... more »

  • I Love Him

    I love him with all of my heart,
    I don't want anything to tear us apart,
    sometimes we have are ups and downs,
    and sometimes I have alot of frowns,... more »

  • I Love Him So True

    I love him so true,
    oh yes I do,
    im confused yes,
    but i dont want him to stress,... more »

  • I Love You

    I love you,
    but i dont know what to do,
    I left you,
    will I be able to make it through? ,... more »

  • I Love You All

    In the dark empty night,
    sits a lonely girl with fright,
    she feels as if a hundred knives has stabbed her in the heart,
    shes wondering when the time will come, for when she will fall apart,... more »

  • I Really Do Love You Too

    Those three words that you say,
    I know you them cause you want to stay,
    I also know its true,
    when you say I love you,... more »

  • I Really Want Us To Last Forever.

    Happy cause I have you,
    scared cause I dont want to lose you,
    sad cause your not understanding me,
    greatful cause your at lest trying,... more »

  • I Still Love Him

    I just want to be held,
    my heart has swelled,
    i just want to feel safe and protected,
    i dont want to be rejected or neglected,... more »

  • I Sure Hope Soon I'Ll Heal

    I think I'm in danger,
    whats rising? ,
    my anger,
    I don't like whats going on,... more »

  • I Want

    I really want someone to see,
    that I want someone their for me,
    someone nice,
    to give me good advice,... more »

  • I Want Out

    I want out of this deep dark hole,
    I'm going to try to get out that is my goal,
    I'm sick of being locked up,
    people keeping thinking so what,... more »