• Alone

    Quite alone
    in my room,
    the whole day passed away.... more »

  • Days And Nights

    Day after day,
    every day is a day of death
    Night after night,
    every night is one of grief.... more »

  • Defeat

    All are in wreck: The hills in an earthquake.
    The bird's nest in the storm.
    The anchor in the sea's mighty waves.
    The pinnacle has fallen off the temple.... more »

  • Devdasi

    How long can I suffer, my Lord
    the rage of passion
    burning my blood?... more »

  • Dream-Swimming

    All through the yester night
    flowers whispered on
    river banks,
    stars joy-gathered,... more »

  • Elocution

    It is not possible to tag
    relationship with word
    If you can collect the flowers
    of gloomy season, which I have... more »

  • Empty Space

    All will leave one after one
    All will leave
    my daughter for Kharagpur
    my son for Bangalore for study... more »

  • Face

    Who would I show this face?
    Herewith strips of age
    Patches of scars of misfortune
    Tears of inquisition drizzles here... more »

  • Footsteps

    Footsteps are seen
    on the zigzagging road.
    Dry shadows spread out
    from the emptiness of the sky... more »

  • In Moonlit Night

    Waves are very busy
    kissing the lips of beach.
    Beach is occupied
    tressing pearls from sea.... more »

  • In The Dark

    I have come out of the caves.
    There is a strange darkness
    which takes off everyone's clothes
    across the town.... more »

  • Life

    My life is a drop of tears
    Don't ask me a garland of laughing flowers
    From where shall I catch starry dreams
    My eyes are poured with enough darkness.... more »

  • Mother Teresa

    How can we let you go, Mother!

    When the earth is crying
    in the eyes of the starved million,... more »

  • Night In The Capital

    The night yawns
    on the overbridge
    like a python in the dark,
    someone is looted under the bridge... more »

  • Paper Boat

    What shall the paper boat
    speak of its pain?

    Over the nights,... more »

  • Paper Flower

    In order to meet my hunger;
    see how have I
    Reached near your hunger.... more »

  • Poem

    I will compose a poem
    If you give me a pen
    and a piece of paper,
    it is not like that.... more »

  • Quest

    Where, in which shrine
    I shall quest you?
    There where paint of walls
    weathers, stone slips,... more »

  • Rains Through The Day

    Throughout the day, the rains.
    Where shall I go?... more »

  • Sorrow

    From infancy to the graveyard
    You are always close to me
    Yet why are you so hatred
    Oh my sorrow so obstinate!... more »

  • Sunset

    Had I ever thought
    I would be so lonely?

    I had an memorable fame,... more »

  • The Gypsy Man

    The Gypsy moves
    from shore to shore
    with a thirty desire.... more »

  • The Railway Platform

    The trains don’t arrive;
    the signals don’t drop.
    On the iron rails.
    the python is gone to sleep.... more »

  • The Third Man

    I have no consumerism.

    As a lone struggler I am
    I know where the shoe pinches... more »

  • Words

    It is difficult to say how words come and go,
    how they speak, how they sing,
    and how they hold you tight
    in the secret expanses of the mind.... more »