I found poetry in my life at darker times, and it felt good to write what's on your mind and heart, and to show it to other people, it's sort of liberating. Now days, i feel like i have found balance in life, i see the good things in my life, and i feel like i have fought my way through some hard times, and i can appriciate things better now. One thing, that reminds of all the good is my girlfriend, who has supported me, and helped me to let go of the past, and see to the future, that's waiting for us, i love her from the bottom of my heart <3

My latest project goes by the name 'Project Zero',
if you are interested, please take a look. I'm writing a story, don't know if this is the site where it really belongs, but i post it anyway.


Sammy's Notes Poems

A Reason To Hold On

Now i have something to die for...
I have found something to hold onto
Inside i faded sometime ago...
I left myself to die in the hands of misery... more »

When Dreamworld Turns To Hell

In my dreamworld we used to dance among the blooming roses
While the smiling sun laughed with us
The life was how we wanted it to be
Perfect and filled with happiness... more »

Fearless Love

In your fear i run away from you...
But my dear, i will never do that to you
Just let me close to your dreams...
Let me hear how your heart beats... more »

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Chie Boy 06 Mar 2014 11:15
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