• A Reason To Hold On

    Now i have something to die for...
    I have found something to hold onto
    Inside i faded sometime ago...
    I left myself to die in the hands of misery... more »

  • A Simple World

    I slow down to take a look at this world
    Are we living a lie...
    When we follow so blind
    We trust our lives...... more »

  • Before The Eyes

    All around in the air...
    Straigh through the horizon and storm
    It's all so clear...
    Our world, that's falling into thousand pieces... more »

  • Clouds Of Love Rain

    The ship sails the blue ocean made of grace
    Clouds of love rain, washing away the bad remains...
    Of the yesterdays, which brought you to the lowest grounds
    Today everything has changed... more »

  • Creature Of The Night

    Shadows just keep on falling
    Just like the autumn leafs
    Darkness takes the best of me
    The way it takes hold of the daylight... more »

  • Destruction Certain

    Your shadow slowly turns to white...
    I watch you broken in front of me
    Another year has passed...
    How are you still alive?... more »

  • Drowning In Your Eyes

    I want to drown into your beautiful eyes...
    It's my sentimental suicide
    My lungs full of love, and my heart is bursting from lust
    Your kiss is like gasoline on the fire of my soul... more »

  • Eternal Love & Immortal Fate

    In your palm i lay to rest...
    You soflty touch my soul to life
    I take all the love you breathe into me...
    I inhale happiness and exhale smiles... more »

  • Fall Of Mankind

    The injustice tied to the humanity
    Man sold out to the soulless world
    Corporate whores selling themselves...
    This dawning has no end... more »

  • Fearless Love

    In your fear i run away from you...
    But my dear, i will never do that to you
    Just let me close to your dreams...
    Let me hear how your heart beats... more »

  • First Taste Of The Future

    Welcome to the path, that leads to our hearts
    This burning flame enlightens my dark
    With this vow of love you lift me up...
    From the dusty trails of the past...... more »

  • Give My Soul Wings

    The overwhelming ache
    The shadow i'm hiding at
    Absorbing you, the one so full of life
    Imagine how i would feel...... more »

  • Hard Road Of Loneliness

    This path in the dark forrest remains one way
    All the horror lives behind these very rocks right here
    I'm too tired to be afraid, and i have lost so big mount of my will to live
    I can only smile to the face of death and taste the end... more »

  • Hourglass Of Your Existence

    The day slowly drifts by...
    You stand still in the past
    We just watch and wait...
    How long you can last? ..... more »

  • In The Name Of The Fallen

    Is there a morning...
    After this dawn of damnation
    How many will be left to tell the story...
    Of this corrupted hypocrisy... more »

  • Melancholy Landscape

    The humanity has started the beginning of the end
    In all of it's glory, it has started the destruction of itself
    The more aware i get of everything...
    The more depressing my view of the world gets... more »

  • Mirror Of The Shallow Pigs

    All the stars are out tonight...
    Flickering for the ones crawling on the floor
    Shallow little pigs rolling your eyes up and down...
    In a world so hollow, you only see what's so shallow... more »

  • Nothing Left For Me Here

    Past has to die...
    In order for me to survive
    I'm overboard by the anxiety...
    When i'm in this grave of memories... more »

  • Only For You

    Everytime you touch me...
    My icy heart melts from it's winter
    Eachtime your lips collide with mine...
    I can feel all the love you hold for me... more »

  • Path To Your Heart

    I found a way into your heart
    It feels so warm, so full of love
    Don't want to leave from your arms...
    Just hold me through the night... more »

  • Perception After Sorrow

    I have lived in a cold heaven...
    Where the angels are false with no wings
    I have burned in hell...
    Where the temptations call for your name... more »

  • Reaper's Loveful Heart

    Blossoming sorrow, laughing despair
    Crying smile, the grim within the light
    Reaper walked the earth with a loving heart
    Searhing for someone to love... more »

  • Rose Red Love

    The tears on the ground have dried
    As the sun shines through the darkness of my life
    The cry for love has finally been heard...
    My heart no longer taken in vain... more »

  • Soulmate

    There's so dark where i stand...
    It's this emptiness so hard to understand
    I tear up my wounds and show you my broken heart...
    You take my hand and show me true love... more »

  • Sunrise Of Appreciation

    The happiness warms me at the dawn...
    To wake in the sunrise, i must forget the stormy trail behind me
    This heart, this soul i sacrifice for your...
    For us, for me and you... more »