Sammy Sidhu is an aspiring singer and song writter. But, whilst still at school (she currently attends mill hill county high school in london) she keeps herself busy writting poems. She has quoted 'Poetry and Song Lyrics are exactly the same thing, they both have a lot of meaning' Although Sammy has never published her own poetry book, she has had her poems published in other peoples books since the aged of seven!


Sammy Sidhu Poems

The Beach's Secrets (Aged 9)

The moonlight glistens down onto
The elegant sand castles
Children have left behind;
The ebony of the darkness... more »

2010 (Aged 10)

Fifteen and glamorous
Young and Sleek
My Shoulder length hair has brunette streaks
My cheeks have gone rosy,... more »

Famous (Aged 9)

When I'm famous, I'll be rich
I'll be able to do anything, just like a witch
When I'm famous, I'll live in a mansion
It'll be big, with a loft exstension... more »

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