• 2010 (Aged 10)

    Fifteen and glamorous
    Young and Sleek
    My Shoulder length hair has brunette streaks
    My cheeks have gone rosy,... more »

  • Famous (Aged 9)

    When I'm famous, I'll be rich
    I'll be able to do anything, just like a witch
    When I'm famous, I'll live in a mansion
    It'll be big, with a loft exstension... more »

  • I Guess You'Re On Your Way (Sorry) (Aged 12)

    The chance was there, staring right at me
    I guess I was confused and wanted to be free
    Then all of a sudden, I seemed to have it all
    Something happened cause I was rejecting your calls... more »

  • Indiana Dusk-Wood

    Grew up in cruel world
    Dressing up as little girl
    Putting make up upon her face
    Her mum calling her a disgrace... more »

  • The Beach's Secrets (Aged 9)

    The moonlight glistens down onto
    The elegant sand castles
    Children have left behind;
    The ebony of the darkness... more »

  • The Yellow Lady (Aged 7)

    A yellow lady walking by a stream
    I'm wondering what is her dream?
    A little bird jumps from her heart
    ' I say! What a cute bird'... more »