• Death: Selfie From The Future

    Last night I journeyed into a future, coming
    As I sought the counsel of my pillow
    Pith black darkness, thanks to Dumsor
    Life is meaningless without reflections... more »

  • Do You Love Me?

    Why did I believe those lies?
    Hypnotized by the beauty in your eyes
    You acted like the perfect one to marry
    Some letdowns, difficult to bury... more »

  • I Am You, Differently

    Man birthed to struggle
    In this life,
    With hopes of changing the world
    Positively,... more »

  • Love Unrooted

    You and I together as one
    In soul, body & mind
    You and I, a mysterious duo
    Lines unbeknownst to any poet... more »

  • Mother, My Soulmate

    Where and how do I start?
    You've always had a very big heart
    A loving mother, a disciplinarian
    An embodiment of a true humanitarian... more »

  • My Hijab

    How funny the world has become

    I am mocked for choosing to wear a Hijab... more »

  • Repentance! ! !

    I have now seen the light
    It does shine bright
    I was a lost soul chasing after fame and might
    but He found me and held me tight... more »

  • The Palentine Plight! ! !

    Gaza is in my heart
    I bleed for my mothers and fathers
    I bleed for my brothers and sisters
    I bleed for my uncles and aunts... more »

  • The Search

    Running around the mountain top
    Searching high and low nonstop
    Where lays the truth?
    I need a clear proof... more »

  • The Unloved

    Why always me?
    They always come and go
    None had the patience
    To really know me... more »

  • Unreciprocated Love

    When will she be mine?
    It sends chills down my spine
    Love is all I seek;
    Yet it seems very bleak... more »