• Controversy

    So there he was!
    In a painless crib, he lay
    On the other side lay his counterpart
    Normality of the evening star was on them.... more »

  • Leaping Soul

    This is for you my dearest,
    My heart leaps, beats and breaks into thunders,
    The image of your smile is the prettiest,
    Your whole body is full of wonders,... more »

  • Love

    Her taunting power

    The splendor of her soul augments my interminable desires
    Every osculation is a demonstrative of our unfurling fires... more »

  • Perfect Hedge

    Tearing as I tear in my foul
    Darkness trying to torment my soul
    I try to remember but I cannot recall... more »

  • Satire

    In the open sunshine I see a walking dream,
    I strain in the bending blue sky to scrub a cream,
    With pomp and splendor I clothe my mouthy tongue,
    In my foamy agitation I run into a song,... more »

  • She Raven

    She looked at me!

    Her watch in her heart
    The same old lame looks were reengineered... more »

  • Talking Hearts

    Often times I have let myself be controlled
    Like a fool with no brains, I have been toiled on
    I have been cut and hurt
    I have been separated from my personality... more »

  • The Unknown

    Whispers, whistles and whimpers graced the witless end
    Far apart sprang strange smeared summer songs
    Ruthless dark winter cloud oppressed the entire bend
    Tang tong tongue twisted tales were narrated by the toothless... more »

  • Undying Hope

    I am like mount Zion;
    A day will come when I will not be forsaken,
    I will lead different nations,
    Giving them His wise solutions,... more »