• America's Rich

    Will America's rich enter
    The peace of heaven's gate,
    Or go to hell shrieking their Sin?
    Poverty is reason to fear and hate!... more »

  • Baron Corvo

    If I were Pope of Rome,
    My head Unlikely Red,
    I'd send missives back home
    Telling my friends I'm dead.... more »

  • Come My Darling

    Come lie down my darling near me
    When the day has lost its eye
    And the veil of night has covered
    Leagues beyond the western sky.... more »

  • Confederate Soldier Wilson S. Hardman

    In yon Pleasant Grove is sleeping
    One beloved the county wide,
    When the North and South contended
    And poor lads bled and died.... more »

  • Flute Lads!

    I flute the up and down of sun,
    I flute the pallid moon,
    I flute the rivers deep and wide
    And down the merry tide.... more »

  • Foxfire Seven

    Around a simple altar there,
    Hidden in the Wildwood fair,
    Comes a rushing, comes a hushing
    Of all worldly cares.... more »

  • Glad Day, Reunion Day

    Ere comes the first faint morning rays
    Above the woodland ride,
    All the glories of the spring
    Gather to the Wildwood Side.... more »

  • House Of Frameless Rooms

    The house of frameless rooms is long,
    Empty at its center am I;
    Footsteps fall at evensong;
    The wind is up, nightbirds whoop and cry.... more »

  • Jacob's Dream

    There are worlds and worlds unseen,
    Foretold by Jacob's wonderful dream;
    They may yet appear, as the firefly's fleeting light:
    Transforming night's veil to Vision... more »

  • Mad, Quite Mad!

    Lazarus hungry at the gate
    And babies killed,
    Herald the downfall of the State,
    Proclaims wildely our self-hate.... more »

  • Moment Of Ecstasy

    In a moment of esctasy
    I leapt into the air,
    And to my great astonishment
    I was suspended there!... more »

  • Moore's Ford Fats Blues

    See that mean old fat man
    Riding down the road,
    While we pick his cotton
    And tote the heavy load.... more »

  • Moore's Ford Lynching I

    The Appalachee ran red the day
    The Klan used its shameful mace!
    A bloody heap, cold ebony clay:
    Roger, Dorothy, George, and Mae.... more »

  • Moore's Ford Lynching Ii

    When I was fair and young,
    I lived without a care;
    I'd dance and play my drum
    And sing a joyous air.... more »

  • My Fairest Flower

    My fairest flower is blown
    And little fish fan
    Reflections of its once fantastic cone
    Into memory's watery sands.... more »

  • My Heart Sings

    It makes my heart sing,
    That's the sweetest sound;
    The glory of the coming spring,
    My Wildwood Flower crown.... more »

  • My Lover's Hand

    Soft is my lover's hand to hold;
    I weep, it is so light!
    The blood-red crown has turned to gold;
    The moon is up and day is night.... more »

  • My Splendid Greens

    My splendid greens have gone to seed
    And bolted into yellow;
    Oh, fine greens they'll make another day,
    For another fellow.... more »

  • Old Home Place

    The simple grace of Bessie's lace
    And children singing a round
    Are memories of the old home place,
    Forty acres of new ground.... more »

  • Patience

    I yet see Patience's chiseled face,
    Her eye awyr;
    And I never saw one of her race
    That didn't make me cry.... more »

  • Prospect Of Dreams

    There are flowers in the wildwood,
    Deep within the emerald wall,
    Where the ancient Temple stood
    High above the forest pall.... more »

  • Prospect's Yard

    In Prospect's Yard nothing grows
    But sobs and bitter tears:
    There stalwart lads lie below
    Monuments of shame and fear.... more »

  • Reunion Day

    All the lovely flowers of May
    Sing of a glad Reunion Day.... more »

  • Shaky-Rabbit Blues

    I have told you daddy
    That I'm nobody's fool;
    You been seen with Ruby Jean;
    She ain't no good for you.... more »

  • The Beautiful City Of God

    When we repudiate
    The Beautiful City of God
    (Indeed, The Beautiful City of Love) ,
    Comes the feckless Savage... more »