• A Robber's Apologia

    Dusk has arrived,
    Cover for my game;
    Vehemence is swifter,
    It will be tonight.... more »

  • Alive

    I am quarreling
    With security,
    Failing to believe
    I am endangered.... more »

  • Andersen Makes Us Laugh

    'Twas The Ugly Duckling
    Fancying itself a swan
    Having supper with Puss-in-Boots
    Under the sea.... more »

  • Brainy Fraud

    I sat in that hall
    My body was still
    Fingers fidgetting
    Pretending to be... more »

  • Cacophony Healing

    Disturbance is uncouth
    You do not prize your drums
    You are in soup again
    With this your healing band... more »

  • Celestial Sessions

    Celestial sessions are
    Where God decides cases
    On men and destinies.
    Let all be black now!... more »

  • Enough Of You!

    Who do you think you are, man?
    Come on, enough of you!
    See the way you strut
    Like a veritable peacock -... more »

  • Envious Clouds

    It is middle May
    And the sky is in a mood
    Crying everyday -
    What is this all about!... more »

  • Estrangement

    Esoteric realities are round us
    But we are too busy to notice.
    In our hearts we feel estrangement
    When we know too much.... more »

  • Forgive Me For Being Great

    Forgive me for being great
    I didn't know it would
    Merit your acrid stare
    The snobbery and disdain... more »

  • Francis Arinze

    John Paul at last is dead
    Who now will succeed him
    Who will be the next pope
    Say Francis Arinze?... more »

  • Grieving Like A Fulsome Song

    Grieving like a fulsome song
    Harps the exit of the loved
    Wreaths will curtain on the pane
    As with pain the loser sighs... more »

  • I Need To Have Faith

    I need to have faith
    It is God doing and not me
    Struggle I may
    But he gives increase... more »

  • I Want A Princess

    I want a princess
    To be my best friend
    But she is too proud
    Head up in the sky.... more »

  • I Was A Child

    I was not the one
    Who killed my father
    I was quite young
    When he died.... more »

  • I Will Never Forget The Pain

    I will never forget the pain
    The sadness, the tears
    As my heart sank in the shadoof
    And the water seeped in... more »

  • I Will Not Be Alone

    Even when they all leave me
    Even when they say they
    Do not care a hoot what I feel
    I will not be alone... more »

  • Ifa

    The din refers ultimately
    To a perplexing calm in the shadows
    And the Harmattan cold
    That makes up for the emptiness... more »

  • In Anomie

    In anomie
    You look for order
    You search out a pin
    In a hay stack... more »

  • In The Dusk

    In the dusk
    Hunters of human blood
    Reclaim erstwhile portions
    Of flesh left over... more »

  • In The Workhouses

    In the workhouses
    The slaves are pit
    Against one another while
    The masters are in palaces... more »

  • Inertia

    Oily mouth justified by muddy hands
    Full barns topped of green fields
    Profitable employment after hard study
    Full bank account fed by fruitful work... more »

  • Is Misery Infectious?

    You do not love me
    Because I am a nobody
    Yet my heart is full of emotion
    I can love greatly... more »

  • Is There No Liquor?

    We have toiled hard
    In the sun,
    We have defied the torments
    To prove us men;... more »

  • It Is When We Play

    It is when we play that we know
    Who is angry
    He keeps his face like excrement
    And says nothing good... more »