• Jewels Of The Sudan

    We are the jewels of the Sudan,
    We who know something
    About the squalor
    In which we live;... more »

  • John Paul Ii

    The pope occupies Peter's porch
    John Paul II
    How I love you,
    Father of all Christian hearts.... more »

  • Juju

    Black magic can tame a warrior
    Make him break his spear
    Carry the loin cloth on his head
    And run like Ele... more »

  • Let My Cry Touch You, Fate

    Let my cry touch you, fate
    You who killed my father
    And let my mother follow him
    Down below six years after... more »

  • Let's Say The A, B, C, D

    A is for America,
    Land of opportunity;
    If you go on over,
    Send home some dollars.... more »

  • Like The Fulani

    Rub off all your sins
    Ere you stretch yourself
    Onto your prayer mat
    Like the fulani... more »

  • Little Men

    Little men toady
    Lip loud laments
    Little on the ground
    Little on the hill... more »

  • Mama Africa

    I think of my Africa
    Black woman of mettle
    Sitting like a forlorn work-woman
    On the slimy green.... more »

  • My Life Is A Baby Boy

    My life is a baby boy
    Born on Monday
    Orphaned on Tuesday
    Destitute the day next... more »

  • My Little Child

    My little brother
    I sympathize
    The hand across your nose
    The sniffs... more »

  • My Past Lives

    Once I was the son
    Of a king
    Then I died and had to
    Come back again.... more »

  • My Struggle Is To Be A Man

    My struggle is to be a man
    In every respect.
    A man is not simply
    The owner of a rod,... more »

  • Mystery Thief

    Lover of the dark
    You mystery thief
    Are you really
    A brother of mine?... more »

  • New Politician

    You cannot have grasped the quandary
    The elections must hold
    Then be rigged
    Before results are announced... more »

  • Nigeria

    The north is a Savannah
    The south is a sea;
    In between there are swamps
    And cocoa plantations.... more »

  • Oluchi

    This girl is sitting across the room
    Looking my way.
    I know she likes me
    A little too much for,... more »

  • On The Day My Father Died

    On the day my father died
    I should have been laughing
    It was April fools’
    But the joke was too dear... more »

  • Oppressing Others

    We learn to harry others
    Refusing then to grow
    Preclude the boasts of those
    We think can do no good... more »

  • Orisa Bunmi

    She is an African goddess
    Ho ha
    She has a lovely sport
    Ho ha... more »

  • Plotting My Downfall

    In the unsure pain of my heart
    I kept my pulse beating
    Unsteady, unsure -
    I was sick with worry,... more »

  • Pride Is Power

    Think of that woman
    Smugly ensconced on her
    She would prefer to give... more »

  • Profuse Strength

    Profuse strength
    Agile walk
    Dressed in black
    Ruthless stare... more »

  • Rich Poverty On Vulgar Street

    What critics may think improbable,
    Today I saw with my own eyes;
    In case you think it a fable,
    Recall that I tell but few lies.... more »

  • Riddles

    Purple blood rising with red
    Availing osmotic imbalance
    Bringing forth disquiet
    Slipping taut with winsomeness... more »

  • Saturday Today

    I will tell a story
    About today,
    It will resemble the story
    Of poverty.... more »