• Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?

    Jesus looks at Nigeria
    As once he beheld the leper
    He asks the historic quiz
    Wilt thou be made whole?... more »

  • Windy Sun

    The weather is like
    Two enemies fighting
    One hot and passionate
    The other cold and longing... more »

  • You Died, Mama

    Mama, what must you have been thinking
    As the plane entered the marsh?
    You must have been crying for me -
    Who will take care of my son!... more »

  • You Enveloped Me

    You enveloped me
    When others would flee
    You were all steady
    Though I was heady.... more »

  • You Want To Kill Me

    With rat on my chest
    I had to pray hard
    I pleaded with God
    From midnight till dawn... more »

  • Your Gift

    The smile on my face
    The joy in my heart
    The hope you inspire -
    All products of your gift.... more »