• Brothers

    My Brother is my Best Friend
    How magical it is,
    When you share secrets
    With the one you love... more »

  • Colors Of Love

    If love was on color brown
    everyone will always frown
    if love was on color pink
    there will always be a link... more »

  • Colours Of Love(2)

    If love was on color red
    Love would be very dangerous
    If love was on color Green
    The world would be a better place to be... more »

  • Friends

    Friends are those who keep you going
    In the ocean called life
    Even when you are drowning
    When you need to survive... more »

  • Friendship

    Friendship is all a promise
    To be with each other
    No matter what happens
    And also opening up... more »

  • Girls Rule

    Girls are the best to keep
    because they encourage you
    Not all of them are good
    But most of them... more »

  • Good Communication

    Do not engage in Conversations
    That has no Solution
    In order not to take risky Decisions
    That might affect our Promotion... more »

  • I Am The Boss

    I am the boss of my life
    Even when there is strife
    I boss my very deepest imaginations
    and bring them out as intentions... more »

  • Life

    Life is not a bed of roses
    Which you think just closes
    Life takes time to build its components
    and also all the sentiments... more »

  • Life's Challenges

    Sometimes life pushes us to an extent
    Which cannot be covered by lifes tent
    Or even people who are God sent
    But we can be Bent... more »

  • Missing You

    Missing you is like waiting for eternity
    Or hoping to be mighty
    Its all because of distance
    But there will always be remembrance... more »

  • Mother Nature

    Thank you mother natu re
    For your kind gesture(feeling0
    Of giving me the elements
    That make up the environment... more »

  • My Twin Brother

    I have a brother
    who ididnt like to bother
    then one day iwas in need
    because i bought a seed... more »

  • One Wish

    How i wish you neva left me in the dark
    And left the wicked hands of life scare me
    How is it that life takes us away
    From those we cherish most... more »

  • Prayer

    Our Mouth is the best Communicator
    Of Speaking to our Creator
    Prayer is the best means of Communication
    Because there is always Satisfaction(when we pray)... more »

  • Rain

    The rain is powerful
    Because of the way it falls
    Even though it has a deeper meaning
    Than how we see it fall come dowm... more »

  • Times

    I feel so bad because of the past
    That i thought will last
    But now i see in a different way
    and its something i have to say... more »

  • True Love Of Friends

    True love is unexplainable
    Yet is is expressable
    It is a confusing word
    Yet was made by God... more »