Born in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada-where he currently resides-Samuel Thor has lived in various locations across Canada. These include: Weymouth, Nova Scotia; Ottawa, Ontario; Dawson Creek, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. He gets his inspiration from the beautiful places he lives and the beautiful people he lives with.


Samuel Thor Poems

The Need

SHE has a need; her need is great
HE wants to help, but doesn’t have the chance.
EVEN though he can, he thinks he’s too late.... more »

Your Rain

I closed my eyes.
I had only been in the rain for a few brief moments, but already I could feel the cool water drenching me to the core. Thick sheets of rain pounded on my skin, through my clothes, chilling my burning, pain-filled heart.
I could feel every heavy dropp of cool rain on my arms and face as I lifted my head towards the crying heavens. I could hear every iota of rain striking my body and my surroundings. The smell of spring, the smell of life, the smell of negatively ionized particles circulated through the wet, August air.
I called out for you. I needed you with me so badly—my aching heart longed for yours. I had waited so long for this moment, to share it with you, but you couldn’t hear me. We were no longer connected, we had broken apart. I waited for you. The icy rain crept beneath my skin, slowly cooling my restless heart.... more »

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