• A View Of Love

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  • Alpha And Omega

    The passionate fire of our new love never burned out.
    It warmed my body when it seemed nothing else would. It heated my soul in a way that only you could. I opened up my heart and let it immerse my being entirely; blanketing me with its brilliant tenderness.
    Together we forged our hearts into one, tempering love with respect and trust. The fires of our first love blazed powerfully under our forge; so intense— yet burning neither of us.... more »

  • Flames Of Love

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  • Four-Leaf Clover

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  • Friends And Lovers

    It isn’t going to be easy, nothing worthwhile ever is.
    To sacrifice something you want for something you need. Though without pain, there is no pleasure; without sorrow there is no joy. Love is a balance of both—accepting an opposition in all things.
    The passionate fire of our love still hasn’t burnt out. It continues to warm my body and my heart; but now it’s accompanied by an unquenchable longing that I struggle to suppress, this powerful fire burns too brightly, its flames licking at the edges of my control
    Together we tamed this searing ember and used it again to forge our once broken hearts. Its inescapable heat burnt our hardworking hands—the scars of a past love. And slowly these deep flames smoldered into something unfamiliar, a distant, hazy memory: friendship.... more »

  • Life Is Like Art...

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  • Memories

    As days go by and sunsets go,
    as the leaves fall, and the rivers of time flow,
    let us in reverence remember the years gone past,
    and the memories of the good times that went too fast.... more »

  • Strawberry Cheesecake

    The restaurant bustles noisily
    with the sound of chattered conversation.
    He stares at the back
    of the empty booth across from him,... more »

  • The Moon's Serenity

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  • The Need

    SHE has a need; her need is great
    HE wants to help, but doesn’t have the chance.
    EVEN though he can, he thinks he’s too late.... more »

  • The Song Of Water

    The sound of thousands of shards crashing down filled the air.
    The aura of mist and darkness floated through the thick humidity.
    These heavy, wet walls come crashing down on him. Why should he care?
    Everywhere the sound of the surface breaking is still heard, causing him to question his stupidity.... more »

  • The Wind Of Change

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  • Two Hearts

    Two hearts, long ago, did beat as one,
    But now their time together is done.
    Intertwined their lives and fates had been,
    But neither of them could have foreseen.... more »

  • Unknown

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  • Your Rain

    I closed my eyes.
    I had only been in the rain for a few brief moments, but already I could feel the cool water drenching me to the core. Thick sheets of rain pounded on my skin, through my clothes, chilling my burning, pain-filled heart.
    I could feel every heavy dropp of cool rain on my arms and face as I lifted my head towards the crying heavens. I could hear every iota of rain striking my body and my surroundings. The smell of spring, the smell of life, the smell of negatively ionized particles circulated through the wet, August air.
    I called out for you. I needed you with me so badly—my aching heart longed for yours. I had waited so long for this moment, to share it with you, but you couldn’t hear me. We were no longer connected, we had broken apart. I waited for you. The icy rain crept beneath my skin, slowly cooling my restless heart.... more »