• Broccoli

    I read an article on aversion therapy
    And decided to give it a try
    Everytime you cross my mind,
    I replace that thought with broccoli.... more »

  • Click Of A Door Closing

    I thought I'd be ok.
    Thought I could just stop by,
    Pick up the last of my stuff,
    Wave goodbye and leave... more »

  • Freeze

    I always hated that speech
    The “You’re a nice woman, but I don’t think
    We’re right for each other.” Getting dumped speech.
    I actually admire the men who have the guts to give it.... more »

  • Good Deed

    I was doing my good deed for the day,
    I only had to deliver his meal,
    Give him a smile and a prayer,
    Then walk away, job done.... more »

  • Kryptonite

    I feel all powerful woman, most of the time,
    Like nothing can hold me back
    I am the speeding train roaring down the track
    And my strength knows no bounds.... more »

  • Lump

    I don't really feel connected to it
    This weird lump I found on my body
    Seems like a foreign object that
    Somehow got planted here when... more »

  • Midnight Call

    His call woke me,
    Although it seemed like an extension
    Of the erotic dream of him
    Still filling my head.... more »

  • Mormons On Bicycles

    I have a fetish for those boys
    That travel in pairs.
    Their crisply cut hair and
    Stark, white shirts.... more »

  • Mud Puddles

    He carries an umbrella if there is
    More than a fifty precent chance of rain.
    If it pours, I just get wet,
    And stomp in mud puddles for good measure.... more »

  • Not Thinking

    I'm trying not to think too much,
    Trying not to analyze or dwell on the what ifs,
    Trying to just get through the next minute,
    The next hour, the next day... more »

  • On My 40th Birthday

    On my 40th birthday,
    I went to a book store,
    Pulled a book off the shelf
    Turned to page eight, and saw my name... more »

  • On The Demise Of My Greatest Lover

    The loss I feel right now is immeasurable.
    You were my greatest lover,
    There are no words to describe the heights
    Of ecstasy, the countless nights of pleasure... more »

  • Pondering 9/11

    I may be the first person to say this-
    But...I needed 9/11.
    That day that rocked me to my core
    And made me step back in fear... more »

  • Scars Still Bleeding

    My skin is intact
    But there are scars you don't see
    Scars on wounds still festering,
    Scars still bleeding on a soul... more »

  • Shopping For Men On The Internet

    I decided to go shopping online
    For my one true love.
    E-Harmony seems to think
    The perfect man for me... more »

  • The Big Picture

    We don't see the big picture
    But, maybe we aren't meant to,
    Or aren't ready to, yet.
    I think God gave each religion,... more »

  • Treading Water

    I know it isn't always going to be perfect.
    That there will be days when
    We'll look at each other and wonder
    'What the hell was I thinking? '... more »

  • Voted Nicest Girl

    Under my senior picture in my yearbook is a caption
    That reads 'Voted Nicest Girl'.
    I gotta say, that title has always pissed me off.
    I wanted to be the sexy girl, the funky girl,... more »

  • Whole

    They say at the root of all addictions
    Is the search for wholeness,... more »