• Bessie's Bell

    I wasn't going to church that morning,
    but I heard Bessie at the bell.
    This is the day that the Lord has made,
    I heard this message so well. You could always tell it was Bessie,... more »

  • Dude's Opinion

    Once there were two angels,
    one said, "what do you see"?
    the other turned, smiled, and said
    "a man a lot like me.... more »

  • He Was Seventeen

    He was seven teen..........
    and learnin' to Rode Ride.
    Things had been tough,
    since his Dad had died.... more »

  • The Cowboy Up The Road

    He was just and old time cowboy
    who lived up the road a ways.
    He sat and whittled toys for kids
    that's how he spent his days. All the kids went up there,... more »