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(2) …... Why the BEST? Because the reader will KNOW that after having read your poetry. The Beauty in art and poetry, Your poems give reasons to the best complete conversation, IF the reader wishes that. You are for me the fertile ground for preferred perfect poetry. God's Blessings in Abundance be upon thee perpetually.
DEAREST SANDRA FELDMAN, you write because you have constantly THE URGE to write, you are a lovely Poetess with the Beautiful zest AND sincere thoughts who constantly contributes to the improvement of our souls, no matter in what condition these souls are, you contribute the best from your inner soul to the fragile health of mankind, .
SANDRA FELDMAN is not only an excellent Poetess, she teaches life's lessons through her powerful zest, upon any subject or topic from inside her rest it may be north, south east or west, for me subjectively, Sandra, the Great Poetess is on Poem Hunter The BEST.
Sandra, gives us inspiration in all her poems. A must read for all.
Your pen is powerful Sandra. Keep the ink flowing. It brings hope and joy. Just a little, goes a long, long way.
Mam Sandra Feldman is an OASIS in Poem Hunter Site. When you thirst for reading poetry, read hers and feel gratification that lingers to the heart and mind...I can't exactly find words to describe her as a poet but I must say she is like a diamond 💎.
Ok ok good way of putting yourself on paper
Sandra Feldman is true poet of heart..wish bright poetic career...God bless Him...
Sandra, i am happy to have found you. You give me courage to step deep into the realm of imagination and dig for poems. You have found your Soul and the eternal path is before you. Keep on seeking for the Truth...the Truth will set you free. I can relate with most of your poems, i am in awe of Love. Thank you.
Sandra Feldman is a poetess with an eye to appreciate every tiny things and inspire by writing poems on almost every topic, She is a versatile poet with vast knowledge. And that makes her Stand Apart from others, I wish her every success and please keep writing and inspiring others.