• Always Love You

    Moonlight shines down
    illuminating, capturing the
    glow of our love as the
    waves break against the... more »

  • An Artist's Eye

    If you could see the world
    through an artist's eye,
    You would see a picture
    that would make you sigh.... more »

  • Blame It On Love

    It's wonderful, unbelievable; your love
    carries me away. Lost forever in your arms,
    this is where I want to stay.
    Your love's gratifying, intoxicating; I'm... more »

  • Come Home To Me

    I reach out to touch you, you aren't there,
    I have so much to tell you, so much to share.
    My arms ache to hold you, my lips miss your kiss,
    I need you my darlin, ' it's your loving' I miss.... more »

  • Did I Dream You Into My Life?

    You are in my every thought,
    Every dream, I have ever had.
    I would imagine what lovewould feel like,
    This is the way love should be.... more »

  • Do You Remember

    Do you remember your youth, days gone by?
    Can you still feel happy just looking at the sky?
    Do you remember catching fireflies, watching them glow?
    Thinking your parents knew everything that there was to know.... more »

  • Don'T Walk Alone

    I've walked thru life thru a veil of tears
    when recalling my past and all the lost years.
    The regrets of my life held me back,
    Reminding me everyday of the virtues I lack.... more »

  • Earth Angels

    Feel Gods' healing touch upon your broken heart.
    Keep your faith strong to make a new start.
    Close your eyes and say a little prayer,
    God will help you through troubled times,... more »

  • Electronic Fix

    Sega, Play station Nintendo 64,
    How in the world
    Do we get our kids Out the door?... more »

  • Forgot How To Love

    Yesterday’s a memory and forever gone
    There’s been so much hurt and maybe I’m wrong
    But we haven’t been happy for so many years
    It hurts, but I’m now realizing my fears.... more »

  • Gods' Holy Light

    One single star appears in the massive sky,
    As slivers of wispy clouds go floating by.
    As evening progresses, its' mate appears,
    Singing a lullaby, only angels can hear.... more »

  • Hard To Find Love

    It’s hard to find love in this world,
    If you find someone to love and they
    Love you back..God Bless You.
    You don’t need anyone's approval,... more »

  • Heaven Above

    God wants His children to live happy and free,
    But when He looks down, this is what He sees.
    His children starving, killed for what they believe.
    Living in poverty instead of Eden, like Adam and Eve.... more »

  • I Hit The Jackpot

    I feel like a millionaire when I'm In your arms.
    The Marquee is lit up
    Saying' I'm taken by your charms.
    The whole, wide world now knows... more »

  • I Love You

    Moonlight shines down
    illuminating, capturing the
    glow of our love as the
    waves break against the... more »

  • I’m Sorry

    Looking back over the years
    There are many things I would do.
    Like keeping in touch more and
    Telling you – “I Love You.”... more »

  • If You Don’t Love Me

    If you don’t love me, there is nothing for me to do.
    I didn’t do anything, so I’ll go on loving you.
    No apologies are needed, no crawling on my knees,
    No need to go out of my way to try to please.... more »

  • Imagine

    Your voice makes me shiver,
    Imagine what your kiss would do.
    Your words Make my heart race,
    Imagine me making love to you.... more »

  • In The Likeness Of God

    If God wanted us all alike, why are we all different?
    White, Black, Red, Yellow and every color in between,
    Big, small, tall, short and every size that can be seen.
    Black hair, red hair, brown even blue,... more »

  • It’s The Little Things

    We’ll enjoy the little things, the sweet pleasures that
    Your love brings; like walking on the beach with your
    Hand in mine, loving each other, just passing the time.
    Holding each other the whole night through,... more »

  • Join Hands All People

    So many lives changed, so many lost
    America fights for It’s freedom, at any cost
    Our freedom will never succumb to evil or hate
    But this day lives forever in our hearts... more »

  • Journey Into My Past

    I sail the oceans of my mind, A journey into my past.
    Searching for answers given long ago, to find peace
    and tranquillity at last.
    I'm searching for words to guide me, said by... more »

  • Joy

    You bring peace and serenity into my life.
    Joy to my entire existence. Joy is the light
    That fills my heart with hope of the future,
    Faith that we will be together forever. It’s... more »

  • Just Like Mom And Dad

    I tell you I love you, you say, always love me,
    A love like ours was always meant to be.
    All my life you’re the one I dreamed about,
    With your love my darlin' there is no doubt.... more »

  • Keep Christmas In Your Heart

    Christmas is the time of year for kindness, forgiveness and love.
    A time to kneel down, give thanks to Jesus above.
    A time to be charitable, happy and open our closed up hearts;
    A time to reflect on others make a brand new start.... more »