• To-Onight

    It seems the days are getting darker,
    all around
    and it seems the light is seeping deep
    into the ground... more »

  • Toys, Games And Other Tricks Of The Heart.

    You thought you could see,
    right through me,
    but it was just another trick,
    You see I let you think it true...... more »

  • Try. To. Beat. This.

    This!... more »

  • Twirl Little Thing

    Twirl little darling,
    in the innocence of your own sound,
    it's a beat within your own heart,
    yet you somehow,... more »

  • U N C O R R U P T E D

    Tell me E X A C T Y L Y where you are,
    because you're breaking up my system,
    and you're taking this too far,
    corrupting my ambitions.... more »

  • U.S Of A.

    I have studied the many arts,
    the languages have been my domain,
    I have traveled the many parts,
    of this great U.S of A.,... more »

  • Unless You Fallow His Lead.

    In this world,
    of destiny,
    of set futures,
    and lack of goals,... more »

  • Us.

    I was afraid before I met you.
    Never thought that I could trust.
    Never thought I had a future.
    Involving the word 'us'... more »

  • Vision

    Looking into those eyes,
    the ones that i once despised,
    i can hardly breathe,
    what are you doing to me?... more »

  • Voice Of Death

    She searches out the window,
    the glass fogged up with breath and,
    she sees a young man wondering,
    her head tilted in questing and he,... more »

  • Was I Not Enough?

    was i not enough for you to stick around...
    was i not enough...

    was i not enough for you to believe in yourself...... more »

  • We Do Not Defy God.

    It's the struggle of power,
    overwhelming strained power,
    now meaning far more then it did before,
    over rating the system in which we so inaccurately graded,... more »

  • What Do I Do? (Part 1)

    There is a dark void where im standing,
    its so dark id be scared to see,
    if i were to turn on this light,
    i dont know what there'd be.... more »

  • What Do I Do? (Part 2)

    I flipped on the switch,
    why is it so blurry?
    is my vision impaired,
    when i can see,... more »

  • What Do I Do? (Part 3)

    I have decided to look around a bit,
    I'll just pretend like the evil,
    was my,
    imagination.... more »

  • What The Hell Did I Do Now.

    Just can't stop thinking,
    what the hell did I do now?
    Just can't stop going,
    I'll never stop at this rate,... more »

  • What?

    It starts out as something,
    very very small,
    seems like nothing,
    nothing quite at all,... more »

  • When Death Touched My Soul (Part1)

    I once lived my life,
    in fast foreword.

    And before,... more »

  • When I Was A Kid I Was Perfect

    When I was a kid I was perfect,
    well I made a few mistakes,
    I guess I should say,
    but now that I'm older,... more »

  • When You Decided, What You Decided.

    A small burst of ideas,
    tugging 'n............pulling,
    there's a push that goes along with it,
    just to keep it going,... more »

  • Where Have You Been?

    If i were gone,
    no one would really miss me,
    would they?
    most mof the time,... more »

  • Who Are You?

    Theres a hole somewhere,
    inside me,
    but i can't quite find where it is,
    it's controlling the emptiness,... more »

  • Why Am I Invisible?

    Am I invisible all of a sudden?
    did something wrong,
    and now I'm nothing?
    broke a rule,... more »

  • Will You Please?

    Drown out the noise,
    of every loud and clear voice,
    will you please,
    Drown out the reason,... more »

  • Wish.

    How many times,
    must we blink our eyes,
    in order,
    to get,... more »