• Short But Simple.

    Just as i was sitting here,
    Just while i was breathing,
    just as things become,
    o so clear,... more »

  • Shortcommings

    I'm not too witty
    too interesting or cool
    I'm not too important
    with no particular rules... more »

  • Sign 666

    They tell me to,
    sign my name on the dotted line...
    I look up into those eyes,
    glaring down at mine,... more »

  • So I Will Fight For You

    Der God,
    i am falling into a hole
    that i cannot escape,
    give me the strength of your holiness,... more »

  • So Tricked.

    you raped me,
    i bounced back but,
    you still raped me,... more »

  • Some Un Godly Reason

    I sit on your lap,
    with my opened heart,
    i sit waiting silently,
    fearing that you'll depart,... more »

  • Someones And Noones

    I always come back to this place............ where I am?
    lost............ yet found,
    hopeless yet free,... more »

  • Something Big

    There is a piece of me,
    waiting to see who I could be,
    would it really be me?... more »

  • Something More That You Know.

    You act as a man,
    you know I'm damn tough,
    tougher then most guys,
    but you like it rough.... more »

  • Sometimes.

    there's people in your life,
    that you wanna forget,
    but they echo in your mind,... more »

  • Somewhat Like A Dove.

    Deep within,
    this heart of mine,
    there is a spirit.... more »

  • Speak

    There is a place here,
    where things are very cold,
    I know it's very near,
    I'm feeling rather bold... more »

  • Specks On The Microscope

    I hear the screaming of your voices,
    i see the tears in all your eyes,
    i can't help but think about the noises,
    why do you feel that way inside.... more »

  • Statistics.

    I am of a forbidden nature,
    the untouchable apple of evil,
    Yet the innocent child playing with his friends,... more »

  • Stealing My Heart By Force

    The only reason you call me is to get something from me
    the only reason you text is to whine or complain,
    the only reason you need me is manipulation based,
    and I can't take it any more no I just can't!... more »

  • Stories.

    It's written in the books,
    with no rhyme or reason,
    on the blank pages,
    in the places,... more »

  • Strange

    I find it strange,
    Connection to this life,
    Enraged...Engrained....... more »

  • Stressed

    exaggerated,... more »

  • Sudden Realization

    Pouring my heart out to you,
    what is my business being here?
    are you nosy or just...
    curious or just....... more »

  • Tangible Like The Wind

    I see a broken city,
    becoming whole once again,
    soon comes the end,
    comes the end.... more »

  • Tara

    I am walking in circles,
    Living in my own head,
    Stuck in my own thoughts

    But ah... There you are...... more »

  • That Which Cannot Be Explained

    yeah.........I've been down t h e r e,
    and if you ask me I'll tell you the truth,
    i've been down where you are,
    when you think that maybe,... more »

  • The Apple Is Red.

    Grab me by the hand,
    tear at my heart,
    make me the most beautiful
    unbearably painful part,... more »

  • The Bed I'Ve Made.

    It's been six months since they saw me last,
    they'll say I've changed,
    I'm not distant...
    But I'm very far away,... more »

  • The Cleaner

    I always wanted to be that person,
    that needed saving.

    I always wanted to see if you cared,... more »