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can you please tell me why you wrote war some more
Sandra was, quite simply, one of the most brilliant minds I ever encountered, and I stand in gratitude that I was ever privileged to know her. She was also the funniest human being on earth. She could make me laugh on the darkest of days. I miss her every day. Rest in peace, at long last, my friend. My love goes with you, through all worlds.
Sandra if you are still here. I MISS you. Please get in touch Hugs Jan
I should like to make it quite clear to anyone reading the poetry of Sandra, that she is without a doubt a Brilliant Poet. She has a style that captures the heart of her readers. I would suggest to anyone visiting her poetry pages, that you keep going back and reading every last one of her pieces. You will be glad you did. Please also let her know if you enjoyed her work as much as I do, by leaving a comment. Janice M Pickett
So so sad to see someone of your status leave. What has driven such brilliant poets from this site? ? ? ? MM
Gosh you have a lot of really great poems. I love the ons you write with your co-writer also. They are all very good. Are you writing a Book. Mary
Sandra, Keep it up, especially the diary series where the caption of the poems are DATE. Decode the feelings, the then views. I am sure you will succeed. With love and all my best wishes, Sukumar
Sandra you have a depth in your poems that brings me onto this site to read everything you write. Have you published a book. If not then you should. You have enough really good poems to fill a good sized publication. Go for it. Don't let the chance pass you by. Hugs Janice M Pickett (Jan)
Hi Sandra...I just read your poem, 'Imagine' about frozen moments in silent observation...very nicely written. I thank you for sharing this... Lare Austin
Hi Sandra...just read your poem, 'Ghosts'. Wow...what well intwined words that hit so well to the target... 'If I believed In the future more; Maybe I would believe In the past less.' Very well said...very...well said... Lare Austin
Hi Sandra… “Three Words For A Lover’s Day”…I absolutely love this piece…it encompasses in just a few words that expresses an entire/complete thought…beautifully. I like very much how you keep the continuity flowing as if weaving your words like a seamstress… I thought “Cleansing Rain” was so delicately presented. Just like the title itself…gentle…but…well…how should I put this…like a single droplet that falls perfectly where it is meant to be… And Sandra…when I read “Morning Night” I actually saw the changes in colors and textures of the sky and earth and light. You captured this magnificently… I agree with Herbert 100 percent…you ARE a damned fine poet. I would hope that you would publish a book of poetry. If not yet, in the near future I would hope, your book will be…and I mean this from one who admires GOOD poetry…fantastic. I recently got published with my own book of poetry, “Point A to Point B (Well, Almost) ”. I would like to say I’ve got some pretty good stuff in it. But I MUST say…from the twelve, or so, pieces I have read, so far, of your stuff…Sandra…you’re very good. I will read on…and I will definitely let you know how good your stuff is…that is…if you still want my opinion…I will be reading your poetry in many poetry books to come…no doubt… Just me, Lare Austin