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God Knows God knows every beat of my heart Every step I take Every challenge I face Every need I have He 'll be with me every step of the way.
God is faithfulness to me. He is alway a beat away
Who Is Awake Who is awake when you cannot sleep When you are hurting, when there is no one to talk to Who is awake when you are fighting for your life Who is awake when you are depressed and the world doesn't seems to care There is someone who is always awake All day and night He sees when you are hurting, depressed, fighting for your life and no one seems to care It's not your mother or father or sister or brother or any family members or friends That is awake when all is lost or you are hurting or feeling alone It's the night Watchman The One that stick's closer than a brother The One that says He will take care of you He is awake Waiting Listening To Comfort To meet every need Yes it's Jessus He Is Awake
JESUS Never Sleep
How Can I Serve You? I asked you Lord How can I Serve You? Lord, Is it through preaching your word to others Is it through singing? Is it through being a board member or a leader He whispers quietly to me; Be humble, Be a gatekeeper Working behind the scenes My child, all my children's are not called to be preachers, singers, leaders or teachers I call you to be an Armour bearer To work for me faithfully

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