• Bold Hinemoa

    O gracious muse, I wish to sing
    Of another culture, another place
    Far removed from the Hellenic ring
    Bringing forth a refreshing new face... more »

  • Fate Whose Slave I Never Was

    Fate, whose slave I never was*
    And henceforth—shall never be
    I shall chart my own course, does... more »

  • Golden Thread

    My love is like a golden thread,
    Beaming forth luminous light from an
    Unknown star, wrapping you in a
    Coil, keeping you safe and secure,... more »

  • My Sylvan Reed

    My sylvan reed, I take in hand*
    And dip it in my gold ink-stand
    And conjure reminiscences of bygone days
    How happiness was a normal state... more »

  • O Harrowed Isle

    O harrowed isle, derelict and decaying
    Your best minds forced to flee your shores
    Empty are your shops, your stores
    Pity the people who are suffering, staying... more »