• Confined

    Confined: My soul.
    Simply defined: My position in life means I must control.
    I love him with half of my heart.
    I give her the rest and that tears me apart.... more »

  • Let Me Go

    years have passed so slow, so fast.
    time drifts away but the memories...
    they always stay.
    Why cant they just let me go... more »

  • No Regrets.

    Through the years
    and all the tears
    I find myself facing
    my worst fears... more »

  • She, In Death.

    Fixed eyes staring
    Shadows move fast... more »

  • The Rebirth Of Lady Monarch

    wrapped up warm and tight
    darkness surrounds
    waiting till the time is right
    the silence is profound.... more »

  • The Truth About Me

    my eyes are stained glass windows that often betray me
    showing my true colors to all who will see
    so that no longer will a simple smile provide
    a cozy little place for my true emotions to hide... more »

  • Wandering Again

    I swear I feel like I never get caught up on anything. There's a dark cloud forming in the distance and it's moving forward towards me slowly...moving to sweep me up in it, lost and drifting.

    So much left to do before it consumes my life and yet not enough time. Never enough time. I feel like I'm surrounded by thousands of clocks tick, tick, tick, tick till I just want to scream STOP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !... more »