Young, Black and Gifted.


Sanele Mthethwa Poems

Can I Be The One?

Can I be more than just a friend? Can I mean more than that to you? Can I squeeze you and kiss you goodnight? Can I call you when feel lonely and need someone to talk to?... more »

Let You Go

I never wanted to let you go, I just want you to know that it wasn't my choice anymore. Misled by my heart, never heard the sound of love. I've bled from the stitches, trying to carry the pieces, consumed by my passion I resolve to action, a look of dismay on... more »


Only time will tell but my wounds can never be healed, scarred for life now I'm scared fall in love. Pushed into the darkness with a bleeding heart, she was leaving me and she took the light away, never said goodbye but it was better that way. Drinking my pain... more »

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