• Ah Love, If This Distance Were No More...

    If I could ride upon this sandstorm
    And whirl myself to you
    Ah Love, if this distance were no more...
    If I could sit upon this moonbeam... more »

  • Come Walk With Me

    Come walk with me
    in Autumn's Sun
    Come take my hand in thine
    Across the Meadow... more »

  • Could This Be It?

    My heart skips a beat
    when he walks into the room
    And his is the smile that brightens up the gloom
    He is the one who sets my dreams aflight... more »

  • Cyber Lover: Ain'T No Lover Like You

    There ain't no Love like your love
    There ain't no Lover like you

    Love borne by secret sultry whispers... more »

  • Desert Rain

    Rain softly drapes
    the trees
    streets... more »

  • Duanna's Song

    You are the strawberry on my sundae
    The tinkle of my ice
    The calm of the ocean
    And the early morning Glow.... more »

  • Dubai Creek, Cradle Of The World

    A million lights adorn your moonlit waters,
    like glittering pearls from long ago dives.
    From pearl divers to today's strivers,
    Dubai Creek, You cradle the world... more »

  • For Salalah, With Love

    I carry you
    Sacred One
    in my henna stained hands
    preciously engraved in the intricate... more »

  • Forever Be Mine

    Just so that you know
    And never have to wonder
    How I feel about You
    It's more than simply Love... more »

  • From Zameen

    In that moment my heart shattered
    I remember it was you
    Who told me that No More
    Shall be... more »

  • In This Moment

    In this moment
    In this time
    In this heartbeat
    You are mine.... more »

  • Indian Sunrise

    The Sun Rises
    Temple over temples
    Presiding golden over morning
    Awakening cow-eyed to the day... more »

  • Invitation To Love's Buffet

    Oh my Love
    if you would allow
    the touch of your beloved
    upon your skin of velvet... more »

  • I'Ve Learnt That...

    I've learnt that...
    Life's too short and there's no time for regrets.

    The train's left the station, admire the landscape.... more »

  • Jewel Of My Heart

    I empty the contents of my heart
    And amid its glittering treasure
    You appear
    in your Splendour... more »

  • Journey Of My Soul

    'Come, ' said my soul, ' and I will show you where I go...
    To the fairest glen to taste the newborn snow
    To sail on the waves
    and to sleep on the shore... more »

  • Listen My Love...

    Listen my Love
    Listen quickly
    Lest the wind blows my words
    Like Autumn leaves aflutter.... more »

  • Moonlight Serenade

    I walk in the light of the Moon
    Privileged... more »

  • My True Beloved

    You are my true beloved
    for you love me
    fragmented though I am.
    Golden or unworthy deed, you embrace me in my multi-ness.... more »

  • Ode To Evie

    You who were never given
    a chance
    to see the light of day
    to move along Life's way... more »

  • Ode To Shattered Vows

    I walk along the corridors of my life
    Searching all familiar places
    For You
    But... more »

  • Son Of Mary

    Crimson drops adorn your precious brow
    Yet no frown mars the gentle look
    That saves my tortured soul... more »

  • Song In My Heart

    You put a song in my heart
    and a dance to my step
    You make me feel like I'm asailing on a cloud
    You placed this smile on my face... more »

  • Sunrise

    Colours of Dawn
    Lighting up the dusky corners
    of a Heart seeking its dreams... more »

  • Swan Lake

    My life a lake of ice
    And you the Swan upon it
    Then bit by bit
    The shattered ice... I realise... more »