• A Confer With Life

    One day life asked me
    What I was doing in this world
    If not to love or to pass on strength
    Then why, o son of Adam, you live?... more »

  • A Dying Friend

    Grandpa took us to the museum
    To show us what it looked like
    He said we would be astounded
    To doubt a such existed... more »

  • A Mom's Affection

    I remember that day like yesterday
    That day I broke your favourite vase
    The message, I was scared to convey
    Scared to my bones for real... more »

  • A Place Called Home

    Today, I visited a place
    A place they called home
    No spot of deface
    It was perfect in this loam... more »

  • A Soldier

    A soldier,
    He fights among us all
    To protect his beloved country
    Thru errs and falls, he stands tall... more »

  • Alone And Lonely

    She ran towards me
    On her face was a huge glee
    She looked at her mummy and plead
    “I want him mummy” she said... more »

  • An Ode For You!

    I don’t recall a 5th grade face
    Flashing before my eyes right now
    If I had known you then,
    This destiny would have been diverse... more »

  • Anger With A Friend

    Today I was angry with my friend
    And I decided everything came to an end
    I was irate for no reason
    I acted as if my choice was treason... more »

  • At The Last Moment

    We were not relatives
    We were not school mates
    We were not class mates
    We weren’t even friends... more »

  • Beautifully Hurt

    You said you shall stay
    The next moment you are gone
    You tell me not to fray
    And I wait till every dawn... more »

  • Blissful Life

    Over Parshington, a white stroke flew
    Carrying a baby to where Africa grew
    He was taken to a vast family of six
    A family of black and white all a mix... more »

  • Bombay Assail

    Two nights and two days
    The terrorists attacked our beloved people
    their hearts were shattered in all ways
    While the blackcats destroyed the steeple... more »

  • Christmas Sharing!

    Its freezing ice chills out there
    This winter…this December
    To go out, I didn’t dare
    Clouds of snow surround my house... more »

  • Daddy's Darling...Or Not

    A tear dropp fell today
    From a childs innocent eyes
    The reason, I know not
    Might be of fear, terror and lies... more »

  • Death Clock

    I started to pen
    The clock ticked again
    My heart beat again
    Pain tangled my brain... more »

  • Depart… (Song)

    Walking in the blue
    Thinking of you
    Defending the past
    Torturing from the start... more »

  • Die Another Death

    I want to die another death
    A death with water loping my throat
    The moment the angels vanish my breath
    In the drops of love I want to float... more »

  • Down My Memory Lane

    Walking down my memory lane
    Memories that clustered in a chain
    I evoked an unfamiliar face
    During the great marathon race... more »

  • Et Tu Brute!

    A man in flesh and bones
    Was Brutus, Marcus Brutus
    He treasured his king, but kingdom more
    And so, our Caesar, he slaughtered... more »

  • Exam Excuse

    I have migraine, fever and cough
    My body is throbbing with pain
    I feel like I am tied with a chain... more »

  • Farewell, Dear Teacher

    For some, you may be the candle
    But for me, you are the light
    That showed me how to handle
    Even the daunting without fright... more »

  • Fleeing To Her Desire

    It was midnight late
    When she decided her fate
    A look around her admired
    ‘cos to run away she desired... more »

  • Fun Sized

    Let me tell you how it feels
    Let me show you how it deals
    I am not skinny, I am fat
    Not so thick haired, I know that... more »

  • God's Phone Call

    Today as I got out of my house
    My phone rang inside
    I decided not to pick it up
    ‘cos then I would be late for work... more »

  • He Breathed His Last

    He was born crying
    And people around him smiling
    To lonely he was a friend
    To every one he was godsend... more »