I used to be a teacher of English. I was brought up reading Russian classical literature and I love my language a lot. I write my poems in Russian and translate some of them into English. I also have quite a lot of poems which were originally written by me in English.


Saniya Galeyeva Poems

After Sex

After sex with you
I’ve got your smell on my skin.
You’ve got my smell too.
And you’ve got the smell of sin.... more »

Love Is You

Love is you
by Saniya Galeyeva

It`s a bird.... more »

I Burn My Poems

I burn my poems.
I burn my boats.
To you I say:
"Please, go away! "... more »

Saniya Galeyeva Quotes

Life is a game. If you are strong and clever and skilful enough to take part in it, you can try your luck. But if you are not, you'd better pretend that you don't exist at all.
Saniya Galeyeva
When you are in love, you have a reason for being creative. When you love, you have a reason for living.
Saniya Galeyeva
If you have no choice, refuse to choose at all.
Saniya Galeyeva

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Manohar Bhatia 29 Aug 2016 07:56
Dear Saniya, Your quotations are very good to read. I love quotations and I have written a book on 3000 quotations. Please go over to my quotation section and read my quotations and please give a comment on what you feel.Thanks. Love and regards, Manohar Bhatia.